The Rock Shares A Look At His Halloween Costume, And It's Exactly My Speed

The Rock in Jungle Cruise trailer 2021
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Halloween is an excellent time of year for a lot of folks, who go all out to create memorable and fun Halloween costumes. Ariana Grande totally went for an over-the-top monster throwback and Lizzo pulled off dressing like Baby Yoda this year. But for some of us, dressing up for Halloween is a bit more of a casual affair. Just ask The Rock and his Red Notice director Rawson Thurber. 

To note, the two famous names were not total curmudgeons on a holiday that is beloved by many but disliked by some. They did dress up for Halloween, with Thurber choosing a fun, seemingly off-the-rack Paw Patrol costume and The Rock dressing up as a dude who loves Teremana tequila, which is totally on brand and is exactly my speed when it comes to Halloween style. See the not-so-spooky Instagram looks below. 

As you may already know, Teremana tequila is Dwayne Johnson’s go-to brand of tequila and one he is personally involved in. The actor and former WWE personality announced the tequila brand back in 2019 and it’s pretty much crushed so far, even during the pandemic year. He recently mentioned in an interview that Teremana has been pushing like 600,000 cases of the liquid gold a year now -- per his words, much higher than the amount that George Clooney’s tequila brand was pushing when he sold it to a major payday back in 2018. 

I mean Dwayne Johnson subtly promoting tequila is basically happening all the time now. Sometimes he’s having a drink with his cheat meal or having a drink while he's working, sometimes he’s sharing fans of the brand’s experiences with the tequila, and sometimes he’s literally not doing anything related to tequila but he’s still being the “American Bad Muthafucka drinkin’ Teremana.”

There’s a lot of competition in the celebrity alcohol game, from newcomers like Arnold Schwarzenegger to some others who have been around the block for at least a little while like Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation gin. Many of these celebrities have large social media followings and they aren’t afraid to use them in support of pushing products they believe in--so much so they’ve put their name behind them. 

As for the chutzpah of using your Halloween costume to promote a brand you own, I’ll let you decide if you personally dig it or think it’s too slapdash. On my end, I really  kind of respect it; then again, I’m the woman who has rotated a Harry Potter house sweater and a flapper dress I wore for a tap routine in high school for the past 10 years. I’m maybe not the voice of authority on what Halloween costumes amuse people, even if this 2021 post is exactly my speed.   

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