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Tim Allen's The Santa Clause Series For Disney+ Is Bringing Back Another Familiar Face

Elizabeth Mitchell and Tim Allen in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
(Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Through Disney+, the House of Mouse has been able to revive a number of its classic film properties. The Mighty Ducks, Hocus Pocus and Enchanted are only a few of the franchises that are gaining new life, thanks to the streaming platform. Joining that growing list is Tim Alllen’s The Santa Clause, which will return in the form of a limited series. While basic story details have been revealed by the streamer, Allen was the only cast member that was announced. However, it now looks like he’ll be joined by another familiar face when he dons his red suit one more time. 

Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Carol Calvin/Mrs. Clause in two of the franchise’s big-screen installments is returning for the Disney+ show, according to Deadline. The actress is best known for role as Juliet Burke on the hit ABC drama Lost, on which she appeared from 2006 to 2010. She’s also appeared on shows like Amazon’s The Expanse as well as Netflix’s The Outer Banks and CBS’ FBI: International. And on the big screen, she’s nabbed roles in films such as Running Scared and The Purge: Election Year.

The actress first entered Disney’s holiday-centric film trilogy in 2002’s The Santa Clause 2. Her character, Carol Calvin (originally Newman), was introduced as the strict principal of Scott Calvin’s son, Charlie. While she and Calvin were initially at odds with each other over how to handle the latter’s mischievous son, the two eventually found common ground and fell in love. And it was a good thing, considering that Scott needed to get married by Christmas Eve in order to remain as Santa. 

Elizabeth Mitchell reprised the role in a somewhat smaller capacity in the 2006 threequel The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, though she could play a larger role in the upcoming series. The show will see Tim Allen’s aging Scott Calvin looking for a suitable person to succeed him in the role of St. Nick. All the while, his two sons will also be entering a new adventure taking place south of the pole. One would imagine that Mitchell’s Carol will serve as a grounding element amid the shenanigans her husband and sons get into, but one still hopes that she’ll be given plenty to do. 

The new project is being headed by Last Man Standing creator Jack Burditt, who serves as showrunner. Though he’s yet to publicly speak out on his approach to this world, one would assume that the series will possess the tone that was established by its cinematic predecessors. I mean, I’d be very surprised if he delved into a darker feel that mirrors what was planned for the original 1994 film’s opening

One would imagine that other casting additions will be reported in the coming months. Considering how Disney has approached other revivals, it’s likely the studio will look to bring back as many OG members of the Santa Clause cast as possible. Personally, I’d love to see David Krumholtz return as Bernard the Head Elf following his absence in the 2006 movie. Production is also sure to kick off sometime this year, though let’s just hope Tim Allen manages to watch his language around the young elf actors on set. But potential on-set F-bombs aside, this latest casting indicates that things are really shaping up for the show. 

The original three films in the Santa Clause franchise are available to stream with a Disney+ subscription.

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