Tom Felton Thanks The Fans After His New Netflix Movie Hits Number 1

While Tom Felton originally rose to fame as the villainous Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, he’s come a long way from his days of swapping magical themed-insults with Daniel Radcliffe. The actor appears to have a number of new things in the works at the moment. Now, his newest film has just hit #1 on Netflix, and the actor is showing his gratitude to the fans. 

The actor's latest film, The Forgotten Battle, just recently hit the streamer, and the fans have catapulted the Dutch war epic to the the big spot on Netflix's Top 10 Movies list. With this, the former Slytherin graciously took to Instagram to thank his fans. Check out his post below: 

The Forgotten Battle beat out a number of heavyweights for the top spot, including James Cameron’s historical epic, Titanic, and the Netflix original The Guilty with Jake Gyllenhaal. Originally premiering in 2020 in the Netherlands, the movie tells the story of the Battle of the Scheldt during World War II. The movie is directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. and follows British pilots Tony Turner (Tom Felton) and William Sinclair (Jamie Flatters), as well as Dutch soldier Marinus van Staveren (Gijs Blom) and Zeeland resistance fighter Teuntje Visser (Susan Radder). 

The fomer Malfoy star has taken on a variety of projects since his work in Harry Potter, but few have reached the popularity levels of his latest feature. His other work has included a role as Laertes in Claire McCarthy’s Ophelia alongside Daisy Ridley of Star Wars and a recurring role as Doctor Alchemy on The CW’s The Flash

Fans should be especially happy that the actor seems to be doing well, considering the health scare he experienced a few weeks ago. The British performer suddenly collapsed at a celebrity golf tournament in Wisconsin. After the incident, it was revealed that world champion surfer Kelly Slater, who was also competing, had run over to assist him before the paramedics could arrive. 

While the cause of his ailment was not released, the star quickly recovered and took to Instagram to reassure his fans. He's always been quick to connect on his social media accounts, whether he’s letting his fans know he’s okay, thanking them for watching his work or reliving the magic of Harry Potter with them.

Fans may have already devoured this latest project but, as mentioned, they have more to look forward to. Tom Felton is set to appear in Sara Sugarman’s Save the Cinema with Jonathan Pryce and Samantha Morton in 2022 as well as Coerte Voorhees’ Canyon Del Muerto with Abigail Breslin and Val Kilmer. 

If you've already streamed The Forgotten Battle on Netflix, then be sure to head over to All eight films in the Harry Potter series are available to stream on HBO Max.

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