Why Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Brought In That Surprising New Character And What She Could Mean For Season 3

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Sweet Magnolias Season 2 finale! Bless your heart for trying to read this now, but we’ll take no offense if you step away until you’ve finished the entire season!

After almost two full years, fans were finally treated to the second season of Sweet Magnolias a few days ago. While the entire season held a lot of surprises, the Sweet Magnolias Season 2 ending did a very good job of taking Helen, Dana Sue, Maddie, and many of the other characters to places we didn’t expect, including complicating the romances even further. One big question, though, definitely involves a brand new character who absolutely has a big grudge against Dana Sue, and now we know why the show introduced her, and what she could mean for a potential Season 3.

Why Did Sweet Magnolias Introduce That New Character In The Season 2 Finale?

Sweet Magnolias did a very good job of both bringing in some new Serenity citizens in Season 2, and giving some old favorites more to do. I doubt that any viewers knew that the shock of a blonde woman we hadn’t seen before talking trash to Annie about her mom, Dana Sue, would come about in the finale. Or, for that matter, that the same woman would later be shown stabbing the tires of a Sullivan’s delivery vehicle. 

It’s clear that this mysterious lady has a major bone to pick with our beloved chef, but why did the show bring her in so late in the game? In a chat with Entertainment Weekly about the finale and what might come in Sweet Magnolias Season 3, showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson said:

One of the reasons that we didn't bring a lot of new people into Season 2 was [because] we have such an amazing ensemble. In looking at how to end Season 2, and in the hopes of getting a Season 3, we thought, 'wouldn't it be fun if it looks like everybody knows exactly what they have to grapple with going forward, then out of nowhere, here comes this meteor.' We wanted to indicate that if we come back, not everything is under control.

Well, good job on that end, I’d say! Not only was it a shock to be introduced to this potentially dangerous and clearly angry character in the last episode of Season 2, but it was also very shocking to see that all three of the Magnolias knew exactly who she was. 

Her introduction came with a bang, too. First, the woman stops Annie on a walk and tells the teen, “Yeah, you look like something she’d spit out. She still busy wrecking people’s lives?” Then we see Ty show Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue a video of the same woman vandalizing that truck. And, while they are surprised, it’s only because they’re seeing her again, meaning that she was one of Serenity’s denizens way back when.

What Will The New Character Mean For Sweet Magnolias Season 3?

As you might imagine, those behind the show have some big plans for this new addition to the Sweet Magnolias cast. Luckily, Anderson was able to share this not-so-much-a-stranger’s name, and tell us a bit about what she’ll bring if Sweet Magnolias gets a third season:

Kathy has a past in Serenity and an agenda for the present that will impact everybody's future.

I’m sorry, “an agenda for the present”? And, it’s one “that will impact everybody’s future”? OK, Netflix, the ball is firmly in your court, because we all NEED Sweet Magnolias Season 3, and within a year from now if at all possible! 

You can revisit all of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix right now, but for more to watch, check out the 2022 TV schedule and 2022 Netflix TV schedule!

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