Upcoming Yellowstone TV Shows: What’s Ahead For The Series And Upcoming Spinoffs

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While the summer months used to be the time of year when Yellowstone fans could expect to sit down for awkwardly stressful dinners with the Dutton family, Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western universe has become all the more comfortable with late fall and winter releases as the line of spinoff dramas continues to grow. The flagship series, with a stellar cast led by Kevin Costner, has become more popular than ever with the arrival of its fifth season. The neo-western's competition-crushing ratings can only help to turn each of the impending follow-up series into similarly impressive hits. 

It can be easy to lose track of everything that Sheridan & Co. are cooking up for Yellowstone and its various jaunts back to the past — and hopefully the future at some point, when the co-creator is willing to tackle sci-fi westerns — so let’s take a quick ride through the valley to pinpoint all the Yellowstone-centric content coming to viewers with Paramount Network and/or Paramount+ subscriptions.

Yellowstone Season 5 - Premiered November 13, 2022 (Paramount Network)

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The Dutton family returned to its rabid fanbase for a bigger-than-usual fifth season, which is being split into two halves of seven episodes each. (Which likely means we can expect a midseason cliffhanger somewhere on par with Season 3’s explosive ending.) Fans can already take comfort in knowing this likely won’t be the final season of the show, though Taylor Sheridan has expressed the notion that he doesn’t intend on keeping this story going for that much longer.

As revealed in the hectic first Season 5 trailer, John is now the elected governor of Montana, and is surrounding himself with family and familiars to keep his idealized plans for the ranch intact. Just about everyone within the entire cast that we all know and love has been back amidst the fifth season, minus those whose characters met grisly deaths in the fourth. Josh Lucas, Kylie Rogers and Kyle Red Silverstein returned as the younger versions of John, Beth, and Rip, respectively, with Lucas attracting quite a bit of fan adoration. The only noteable missing faces have been Jefferson White and Kathryn Kelly, who are supposed to return to Y at some point as the betrothed Jimmy and Emily,

Viewers have also met each of the higher-profile new additions to the cast for Season 5, including Lainey Wilson's country singer Abby, Kai Caster's flashback ranch hand Rowdy, Lilli Kay's governor assistant Clara Brewer, and Dawn Olivieri's Market Equities secret weapon Sarah Atwood. The midseason finale is set to air on Sunday, December 18.

1923 - Premieres December 18, 2022 (Paramount+)

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Even before the success of Paramount+’s first Yellowstone prequel, 1883, Taylor Sheridan’s mental wheels were already spinning with ways to continue connecting the dots of the Dutton family ancestry. Which brings us to the second chapter of that specific look back, 1923, which will feature the fam facing off against the biggest life hurdles of the era, from financial setbacks to global health crises to Prohibition-related complications. It doesn’t appear as if the new show will carry over any of the same cast members from the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill-starring drama, but boasts its own wildly talented ensemble.

Originally titled 1932 before Sheridan shifted the story earlier, 1923 will star Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton, the uncle and aunt to Spencer (Brandon Sklenar), John Dutton Sr. (James Badge Dale), and the latter’s son Jack (Darren Mann), with Marley Shelton starring as John Sr.’s wife Emma. The cast also includes Robert Patrick, Jerome Flynn, Jennifer Ehle, with former James Bond portrayer, Timothy Dalton, landing a more devious role. Check out the first full-length trailer for the new series below.

1923 will make its debut on Paramount+ the same day that Yellowstone goes on its winter hiatus, making sure fans won't be without the Duttons for a single week of the holiday season. 

6666 - Likely 2023 - Paramount Network

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First officially announced back in February 2021, the still-developing spinoff, 6666, is set to potentially take the action out of Montana entirely for a storyline that’s centrally located at the famed ranch of the same name deep in the heart of Texas. Yellowstone fans should already be familiar with the location after watching Season 4, as it was where Jimmy was sent by John to shape up after the younger cowboy-in-training broke his word. As well, it was where Jimmy and viewers met his wife-to-be, the Four Sixes’ resident vet, Emily, though they apparently have reason to stick around the Y in Season 5 before taking a lengthier journey.

When it was first revealed, 6666 was said to be focusing on Jimmy, which made all the more sense after Season 4 concluded, with Ryan Bingham’s Walker also heading south. That character’s potential transition down south is less clear to understand at the moment, though he’s never exactly felt 100% welcome and at home within the Yellowstone ranch’s bunkhouse. While some fans likely expected 6666 to have debuted by now, or at least have had some form of footage to show off, it’s entirely likely Walker’s storyline plays into why the spinoff needs to possibly fall beyond Season 5 in the timeline. Just wait until he has to start masturbating horses like Jimmy did.

1883: The Bass Reeves Story - TBA (Paramount+)

6666 was initially set to premiere as a Paramount+ streaming original, which lined up with 1883 having been a streaming exclusive (save for the initial episodes which were simulcast on the linear network). However, that initial choice was later flipped so that fans can expect to see 6666 debuting on Paramount Network whenever it does mosey on down.

Edward in The Girl Before

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Arguably the most surprising of all the Yellowstone offshoots to date is 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, which serves as the second season of the initial prequel series, though it’s not clear if or how it will connect to James Dutton’s story and the cross-country journey he helped to lead alongside Sam Elliott’s Shea Brennan and LaMonica Garrett’s Thomas. When it was first revealed to be part of Taylor Sheridan’s ever-growing slate of Paramount-produced content, the show focusing on historic lawman Bass Reeves was set up as a standalone drama, and was only later cemented as part of the Yellowstone universe as a follow-up to the events in 1883.

Sheridan locked down a stellar lead for the titular role in Selma and The Girl Before star David Oyelowo, who will be far from the first actor to portray Bass Reeves in recent years, but will have the biggest platform by way of time spent bringing him to life. (Delroy Lindo took on the role for The Harder They Fall, while David Ramsey wore the gold star for Legends of Tomorrow, and Watchmen also used the character as a point of inspiration.) To date, Oyelowo is the only cast member confirmed cast member with character info, but it was surprisingly revealed on the Yellowstone Season 5 red carpet that flagship star Cole Hauser will have a role in the hostorical drama, though what that role will be is anyone's guess.

It’s no doubt a story that deserves to be told, with Black cowboys in pop culture thankfully garnering more and more attention. I’m hoping this second season will allow for Garrett’s Thomas to team up with Oyolewo’s Bass for some ass-stomping action. Sheridan will no doubt deliver a measured and thoughtful take on the material, with dry humor and high emotions peppered atop the death and violence. 

Other Upcoming Taylor Sheridan Projects

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Sheridan is quickly becoming as prolific as anyone else in Hollywood, with his current total of ongoing projects now at nine, with five distinct series that (at least for now) exist outside the Yellowstone-verse, with only one of those having already aired its first season. Check out the list of the Sicario screenwriter’s additional upcoming projects below.

  • Tulsa King - Premeired November 13, 2022 (Paramount+)
  • Mayor of Kingstown Season 2  - January 15, 2023 (Paramount+)
  • Lioness - TBA (Paramount+)
  • Land Man - TBA (Paramount+)
  • Fast - TBA (Paramount+)

The way things are going, Taylor Sheridan might have his very own streaming platform in the next five or ten years. but while waiting to see all the upcoming chapters in his Yellowstone saga, head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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