Upcoming Yellowstone TV Shows: What’s Ahead For The Series And Upcoming Spinoffs

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For a few years, Yellowstone was TV”s biggest unsung champion, with millions and millions of viewers tuning in to watch Kevin Costner’s John Dutton struggle to keep control of his land and legacy. The Montana-set series then became a spinoff-spawning juggernaut, basically granting co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s his own scripted playground to run amok. Though seemingly everything went off the rails in 2023, from Sheridan and Costner’s feuding chaos to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, it seems as if the 2024 TV schedule will indeed feature a Dutton or two. 

Grab your loosest-fitting cowboy hat and strap in for a look at all the upcoming shows from the Yellowstone franchise, as well as when we can expect them to debut. The flagship drama (which can be streamed with a Peacock subscription) may be hanging it up, but this universe is in no danger of going away anytime soon.

Yellowstone Season 5 Returning In November 2024 (Paramount Network)

Jamie Dutton giving impeachment speech about John Dutton in Season 5 of Yellowstone.

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Back when Paramount Network confirmed Yellowstone Season 5’s renewal, the big news was that fans could expect a super-sized season of 14 episodes, as opposed to the usual ten. But the bigger payload may have had a damaging effect behind the scenes, with Kevin Costner reportedly taking issue with filming schedules as he was in the midst of filming his two upcoming Horizon: An American Saga western features (as well as his divorce). The first eight episodes wrapped on the first day of 2023, with plans to return in the summer, which were then pushed to the fall. 

It was in the middle of all this when reports surfaced saying Costner exited the show and would not return to reprise his Dutton patriarch. No word from Sheridan or anyone else at Paramount how Yellowstone will be handling that unexpected turn of events — we have our favored theories for how John should be written out — but we do know the current-as-of-writing goal is for Yellowstone to finish Season 5 with a return set for November 2024.

Details for the final six episodes are all but non-existent, beyond the idea that filming is set to begin in the early part of the year, with Taylor Sheridan presumably having scripted them all himself. An exact release date is yet to be announced. 

1923 - Season 2 Return TBA (Paramount+)

Jacob and Cara Dutton outside in 1923

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While some fans are still clamoring for 1883 to get a second season, we do know that 1923, the second of Yellowstone’s lineage-exploring prequels, is indeed returning to finish out its Depression-era story with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. A second eight-episode season was ordered back in February 2023, during the drama’s mini-midseason hiatus, but filming was postponed due to the WGA strike. 

Though nominated for two awards, 1923 sadly wasn’t among the 2024 Golden Globes winners, but there’s always the chance that could change when Season 2 arrives, considering this family has become synonymous with heady tragedy. We’re not quite sure just yet when the new eps will arrive, but I know I’m not the only one hoping they don’t kill off Cara Dutton. 

2024 (Paramount Network)

Beth giving Jamie an ultimatum in Yellowstone.

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Taylor Sheridan’s penchant for Yellowstone prequels is obviously no secret at this point, as it’s clear he wants to show audiences the entirety of the Dutton family tree’s most impressive branches. But it’s not all about the past, as Paramount Network announced the series order for a sequel series meant to immediately follow Yellowstone’s endgame, with the tentative title of 2024

Details about the newest series are understandably slight, since any info about the sequel could easily spoil events that haven’t been witnessed yet from the mothership drama. And it’s also become more unclear exactly who is meant to fill the cast of 2024 as more time goes by without any updates. Matthew McConaughey was notably namechecked as the likely star around the time of Kevin Costner’s exit, which was an obviously exciting prospect, but as of early January 2024, the True Detective vet still hadn’t inked any contracts, who sparked worries about him backing out. 

What’s more, Yellowstone favorites Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly and Luke Grimes apparently haven’t signed on for the sequel series yet either, and it’s thought those cast members may also exit if deals aren’t made. One report claims Hauser and Reilly are angling for salary hikes, and both are said to be asking for $1.5 million an episode. It’s hard to think they aren’t worth it, since they’d certainly be among the main draws for viewers to tune in.

6666 - Likely 2025 (Paramount Network)

jimmy and emily on yellowstone

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While 2024 is meant to be a sequel to Yellowstone proper, Taylor Sheridan & Co. previously revealed plans for the concurrently set companion spinoff 6666, which would feature the iconic Four Sixes Ranch as its central setting. Sheridan bought the ranch himself in June 2022 for upwards of $320 million, with a sub-goal of using the property to help prep his TV universes, and it seemed then like the last step to bringing the 6666 spinoff to life.

However, it’s been more than three years since CinemaBlend first reported on the spinoff in Feb. 2021, and though Yellowstone did semi-develop Jimmy and new wifey Emily’s situation at the Texas ranch, news about this project has come less frequently than Beth Dutton’s appreciation for Jamie. The fact that it hasn’t officially been shelved yet is as good a sign as any, though each time new spinoff new surfaces in place of a 6666 update, it starts to chip at the optimism. 

1944 (Paramount+)

Spencer Dutton in Africa in 1923

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In a move both shocking and completely expected, Paramount Network balanced the news of Yellowstone’s ending not just with the 2024 sequel, but also with the confirmation of another big yearly prequel, this time tied to 1944. The WWII time period is set 21 years or so after the events of 1923, meaning we’ll likely see one or more characters from the younger generation rising up to take over the Paradise Valley property.

No further details have been announced for 1944 yet, as far as casting or themes, but hopefully that process will get started in earnest once the final episodes of Yellowstone proper are locked and loaded. And, of course, we can probably expect at least one more spinoff to be publicized in the coming months, with the 1960s and 1980s both still ripe for exploring.

Other Upcoming Taylor Sheridan Projects

Dwight Manfredi in Tulsa King

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One of the easiest ways to quantify Yellowstone’s success in recent years is to look at how much Taylor Sheridan’s creative output has exploded, since the neo-western (combined with the multi-hyphenate’s big screen successes) provided him something of a blank slate, complete with a line of blank-ish checks to fund things. The Duttons may be the bread and butter, but they’re certainly no longer the whole meal. 

Here’s a rundown of all the non-Yellowstone projects that Taylor Sheridan has coming on the horizon (just not Kevin Costner’s Horizon):

  • Mayor of Kingstown (Paramount+) - Season 3 currently in production with the still healing Jeremy Renner 
  • Tulsa King (Paramount+) - Season 2 confirmed in Nov. 2022, with Terence Winter stepping down as showrunner; awaiting Season 2 updates
  • Land Man (Paramount+) - Filming began in February 2024, with Demi Moore as a late-addition casting
  • Lawmen (Paramount+) - Season 1, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, aired its finale in December 2023, with no updates for Season 2’s subject matter.
  • Special Ops: Lioness (Paramount+) - Season 1 finished airing in September 2023, without any additional news about its future
  • Empire of the Summer Moon (Film) - Taylor Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch banner nabbed the rights to the nonfiction book Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History, which is a passion project for the filmmaker.

So that about wraps things up for the plethora of new and ongoing projects filling up Taylor Sheridan’s plate for the 2024 TV schedule and beyond. Stay tuned for more information about all of the above shows, as well as any new ones that crop up in the near future. 

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