You Season 4: The New Cast Members And Where You've Seen Them Before

Penn Badgley eerily stares out of his study window in You: Season 4 Part 1.
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He’s coming back for you – well, for all of us. 

You Season 4 is here and there’s plenty to be excited about. While we’ve had to wait some time for the next installment of the popular Netflix series, it’s finally here. There are questions we want answered, theories that we have, and several things that we must remember before diving into this new world that Joe – pardon me, Jonathan – is a part of. 

But, with Joe literally being in a new country now, there are plenty of new faces that we need to get to know. If you’re curious about who’s who in the new You Season 4 cast, here is where you might have seen them before.

Lukas Gage in You.

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Lukas Gage (Adam)

Starting off the list is Lukas Gage, who plays Adam in You Season 4. Gage himself has appeared in movies such as Moonshot, Assasination Nation, and How to Blow Up a Pipeline. In terms of television, he had a main role in the series, Tagged, as well as a recurring role in The White Lotus cast, where he played Dylan. He also had a recurring role in the Hulu original series, Love, Victor, and was a part of Angelyne on Peacock. 

Tilly Keeper in You.

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Tilly Keeper (Lady Phoebe) 

Moving on is Tilly Keeper, who plays Lady Phoebe in the new season. In terms of television, she had a main role on the BBC soap opera, EastEnders, as well as several guest appearances on many other shows. She was also in the feature film, Marooned Awakening. 

Stephen Hagan in You.

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Stephen Hagan (Malcolm)

Malcolm is played by Stephen Hagan in Season 4. Starting off strong with his work in television, Hagan has had appearances in several major TV shows, including but not limited to The Cut, Injustice, Midsomer Murders, Lucky Man, Medici, and Hope Street. With movies, he was in Zoo, The Truth Commissioner, Risen, Identity, and more. 

Eve Austin in You.

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Eve Austin (Gemma)

Next up on the list is Eve Austin, who plays Gemma in You Season 4. Eve Austin hasn’t had the chance to be in many movies yet, with her only role thus far having been in Our Ladies, but her television resume is quite impressive. She appeared in the murder mystery show, The ABC Murders, and has been in other shows such as Emmerdale, Fearless, The Athena, Print, Doctors, In the Flesh, and more. 

Amy Leigh Hickman in You.

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Amy Leigh Hickman (Nadia) 

Moving on, we take a look at Amy Leigh Hickman, who portrays Nadia in You's new season. Hickman has appeared in a variety of television shows in main roles, including The Tracy Beaker Survival Files and Tracy Beaker Returns, but she’s also appeared in Strike Back, The Dumping Ground, EastEnders, Safe, Ackley Bridge, and other. She hasn’t appeared in any feature films yet, but you’ll probably end up seeing more of her after this. 

Ed Speleers in You.

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Ed Speleers (Rhys)

Next up on the list is Ed Speleers, who plays Rhys in the new episodes. Speleers has been around in the business for a while and actually starred in the fantasy movie, Eragon in 2006, but has since gone on to appear in many others including Love Bite, Breathe, the live-action Disney film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Against the Ice. With television, he has had roles in several shows including the Starz hit, Outlander, Downton Abbey, Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, and Echo Beach. 

Ozioma Whenu in You.

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Ozioma Whenu (Blessing)

Portraying Blessing in the You Season 4 cast is Ozioma Whenu, who is pretty new to the world of movies and TV. So far, her only other role has been a guest part in The Witcher spinoff, The Witcher: Blood Origin, but to see her have a role in a show such as You is quite exciting. 

Niccy Lin in You.

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Niccy Lin (Sophie)

Sophie is played by Niccy Lin in You's new season. So far, she’s been in Murder Ballads: How to Make It in Rock ‘n’ Roll , Lockdown Kings, and Official Secrets in terms of movies, but she’s appeared in several shows as a guest star including Treadstone, Drifters, and my personal favorite, The Great, on Hulu

Ben Wiggins in You.

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Ben Wiggins (Roald)

Next up on the list is Ben Wiggins, who portrays Roald. Wiggins has appeared in three films so far, Anna and the Apocalypse, Cam2Cam and Mary Queen of Scots. Wiggins has also appeared in guest roles on the shows Which is Witch, Doctors, Will, Grantchester, The Witcher on Netflix, The Girlfriend Experience, Hollyoakes, and others. He also had a role in the popular series, Pennyworth, and a small recurring appearance in the fantasy series, The Sandman.

Dario Coates in You.

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Dario Coates (Connie)

Next up on the list is Dario Coates, who plays Connie. Coates is primarily known for his main role on the British TV series, Coronation Street, but he has also appeared in a variety of guest roles on shows such as Drifters, Doctors, The Coroner, Damned, Endeavour, The Girlfriend Experience, and Tell Me Everything. He also had a recurring role in Rules of the Game, and has done voice work for several video games.

Sean Pertwee in You.

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Sean Pertwee (Vic)

Moving on, we take a look at Sean Pertwee, who plays Vic in You Season 4. Pertwee has appeared in several television shows, including big ones such as Gotham and Elementary, but he’s appeared in many movies, including The Invitation, The Reckoning, Howl, Wild Bill, Doc Soldiers, Devil’s Playground, Equilibrium, and several others. 

Alison Pargeter in Outlander.

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Alison Pargeter (Dawn)

Playing Dawn this season is Alison Pargeter. The actress has appeared in movies such as Reuniting the Rubins, The Little Stranger, and Angel. She’s also appeared on television shows such as Mary Slessor, EastEnders (like many of her costars) Rock and Chips, Outlander, and The Nevers. 

Adam James in Vigil.

(Image credit: BBC)

Adam James (Elliot)

Next up is Elliot, who is played by Adam James. His list of television credits is long, with roles in shows such as Doctors, As If, Love Soup, Casualty, The Game, Drifters, The Suspect, Treason, and the HBO miniseries, I May Destroy You. He also has been in several movies such as Kilimanjaro, Hunter Killer, A Little Chaos, and more. 

Brad Alexander in You.

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Brad Alexander (Edward)

Last but not least, we have Brad Alexander, who is playing Edward on the show. Alexander is new to Hollywood and this is his first role, so it’ll be exciting to see where he goes after this!

With so many new stars from several different shows and genres, it’s awesome to see this diversified You Season 4 cast. And, maybe you just found a new series to check out – once you’re done watching the fourth season, that is. 

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