Zazie Beetz: What To Watch If You Like The Atlanta Actress

Van in Atlanta.
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Let me tell you about an actress that I think all of you should get into as soon as possible - Zazie Beetz

I know, just from looking at that name, you’re intrigued, just as much as I was when I first heard of her, but truth be told, Zazie Beetz is an incredible comedic actress, who’s also dived into the world of drama, as well. From her starring roles in shows like FX’s great series, Atlanta, to starring in some hilarious Marvel films, Beetz has shown again and again how skillful she is. 

And, today, we’re going to go over what you can watch if you’re a fan of hers - or, if you want to give some of her work a try.

Zazie Beetz in Easy.

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Easy (Netflix)

First up on this list, we have the Netflix original series, Easy. This series is an anthology that takes place in modern-day Chicago, and follows several different couples in their daily lives of trying to navigate personal relationships, love, and so much more. 

This series has plenty of stars who pop in and out, but no one stands out to me more than Zazie Beetz as Noelle in Season 1 (as well as her small appearance in Season 2). Her storyline as Noelle is one of the best stories of the first season, and I really liked her relationship with Jeff (played by Dave Franco) and all of the awesome chemistry the two of them had. I would definitely recommend watching this series just for the fun of it. 

Stream Easy on Netflix.

Zazie Beetz in High Flying Bird.

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High Flying Bird (Netflix)

Next up, we have High Flying Bird. This Netflix original movie follows the story of a sports agent who has the challenge of his life - trying to pitch a crazy opportunity that sounds out there to his client, a basketball player who is just trying to make his way in the world. 

Let me tell you - this is such an underrated gem of a movie, especially if you like sports films, and that’s mainly because the cast is great. Zazie Beetz stars as Sam, the assistant to the sports agent in High Flying Bird, and she brings that sass and that great comedic talent to the screen that you would expect from her. Another thing I also loved about her in this was her chemistry with Andre Holland, who played Ray Burke (the main character). They truly made this film one of a kind.

And, for an even better fun fact, this film was entirely shot on the iPhone 8. Talk about a crazy masterpiece. 

Stream High Flying Bird on Netflix.

Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2

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Deadpool 2 (Amazon Rental)

I don’t know if ya know this, but I’m a bit of Deadpool fan, and Deadpool 2 was just as funny as the first film. Deadpool 2 follows Wade Wilson after he just lost the love of his life, and now he must learn to come to terms with his grief while also facing new enemies and making new friends. 

From that description, you’d never think that Deadpool 2 would be the hard-R comedy that it is, but it’s so funny, and Zazie Beetz just adds to that. Her portrayal of Domino is so hilariously hysterical that it made me want to keep watching the film just for her - I mean, who thought that luck could be a superpower? Not me, that’s for sure. But, Zazie Beetz’s incredible performance and her nonchalant attitude with the character made it all the better, and I really sincerely hope she’s in future Deadpool films, too. 

Rent/buy Deadpool 2 on Amazon.

Zazie Beetz in Lucy in the Sky.

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Lucy In The Sky (Amazon Rental)

Moving on, we have Lucy in the Sky. This science fiction film tells the story of Lucy, an astronaut whose life changes forever after she goes to space, because when she returns to Earth, she suddenly finds her world feeling too small and everything begins to close in. 

Zazie Beetz portrays Erin, another female astronaut who plays a very important role in the film. Honestly, this film is one of my guilty pleasures, because I really love the performances of the actors. While the story can be a little jumbled, I do very much enjoy Beetz's portrayal and her chemistry with Natalie Portman, where they create a very interesting and dramatic story. It’s a change from Beetz’s usual work in comedy and she does a great job. 

Rent/buy Lucy in the Sky on Amazon.

Zazie Beetz in Joker.

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Joker (HBO Max)

When I realized Zazie Beetz was in Joker, I didn’t even know how to react, but she was one of the best parts. Joker is a retelling of the story of one of the most famous supervillains of all time, the Joker, and his origins as an abused member of society-turned-psychopath. 

The Joker cast is filled to the brim with talent, and obviously, Joaquin Phoenix was amazing as Arthur - a.k.a. The Joker - but Zazie Beetz as Sophie was such an integral part of the story that it’s hard to not acknowledge her acting talent, as well. Every single scene she was in with Arthur showed just how much he was slipping, and then that final scene near the end, when the twist is revealed, it’s astounding storytelling. I could re-watch it over and over. You just have to love it. 

Stream Joker on HBO Max.
Rent/buy Joker on Amazon.

Zazie Beetz in Geostorm.

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Geostorm (Amazon Rental)

If you’re looking for a fun disaster film, check out Geostorm. In this film, the world is impacted by global climate change, and when climate-control satellites begin to fail and cause a huge storm that is able to wipe out humanity, it’s up to a team of satellite designers and scientists to save the world. 

First off, Zazie Beetz is awesome in this. Even though her role as Dana isn’t for super long in the film, I absolutely love every scene she’s in as the cybersecurity expert, and she shows off her combined talents of acting and comedy, despite the terrible circumstances her character is in. What makes this film even more fun are the effects. You can never really go wrong with a good disaster film and Geostorm certainly takes it up a level by including some awesome science-fiction aspects. 

Rent/buy Geostorm on Amazon.

Zazie Beetz' character in Invincible.

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Invincible (Amazon Prime)

Good God could I talk about Invincible for a long damn time. This Amazon Prime original series tells the story of Mark Grayson, who develops powers like his father one day and has to learn to train and be just like him. During his time learning to become a “hero,” he learns that his father has his own dark secrets from the past. 

Invincible is a brilliant show, and Zazie Beetz is just one part of the incredible Invincible voice cast. Her voiceover role of Amber is infused with so much personality and love that you can tell Beetz probably had the time of her life recording this, and she really puts her all into the character in her own personal storylines, but with Mark Grayson (voice by Steven Yuen) as well. It really is the perfect superhero show

Stream Invincible on Amazon Prime.

Zazie Beetz in Nine Days.

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Nine Days (Starz)

Next up, we have Nine Days. This fantasy drama tells the story of a man who’s job is to interview souls to see if they should live, and see how his former souls are living on Earth, but one day, one of his souls unfortunately dies suddenly, and now, he is left wondering what the true meaning of living is. 

This film is something else, man, and I mean that in the best way. Zazie Beetz portrayed Emma, another soul who was in the running to be born into the world and ugh, I’m so upset she didn’t get as much attention for her role in this film. Seriously. Her acting is just fantastic and I especially loved her scenes with Will (played by Winston Duke) that capture your heart. Nine Days is that type of film that will change you the moment you watch it, in my opinion, and make you see the world from a different perspective, because I know it did for me. 

Stream Nine Days on Starz.
Buy Nine Days on Apple TV.

Zazie Beetz in The Harder They Fall

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The Harder They Fall (Netflix)

Another Netflix original for you here. The Harder They Fall tells the story of a gang that is looking for revenge when an old enemy is finally released from prison, setting off a domino effect of bad decisions and crazy situations. 

The Harder They Fall cast is stacked with stars, and Zazie Beetz is just one of many, portraying Stagecoach Mary, who is actually based on a real woman who was the first African-American female star route mail carrier within the United States. Beetz and Jonathan Majors (who portrays Nat Love) create a very complex and compelling love story that draws you in, and the rest of this film is just a hardcore western that is truly out of this world. You’ll love it from beginning to end. 

Stream The Harder They Fall on Netflix.

Zazie Beetz as Van with Lottie on Atlanta

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Atlanta (Hulu)

It’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Atlanta is a fantastic comedy on FX that tells the story of Earn, a man of modest means who is trying to make it as a manager for Alfred, his cousin (otherwise known by his stage name, Paper Boi). And, with his crew of misfits in the city of Atlanta, anything is possible - including shenanigans. 

Zazie Beetz got incredibly famous for her role in Atlanta and for good reason; she is awesome as Van (Vanessa) in so many ways. Her character is dark, multi-dimensional, and an overall fun time, and her chemistry with Donald Glover is second to none. As of writing this in May 2022, Season 3 is airing and is showing her rocking this role just as well, and I for one can’t wait to see where Van’s story takes us next before Atlanta comes to a close with Season 4.

Stream Atlanta on Hulu.

Maybe now, you just might have found a new movie with Zazie Beetz to watch, or maybe you’ll be like me and just re-watch all of Atlanta again. Regardless of what you pick, I guarantee you’ll have a fun time watching.   

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