After Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Wraps, Jason Momoa Stays In Hawai’i To Bask Shirtless In The Sun

Jason Momoa shirtless in Zack Snyder's The Snyder Cut as Aquaman.
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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Aquaman 2 star Jason Momoa just out and about and doing his thing. For months, he was awfully busy with work on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to the 2018 hit directed by James Wan (not to mention doing press for Dune). In fact, the movie had been in production since July of this year, and only just wrapped up a few days ago. To celebrate, Jason Momoa seems to have stuck around in Hawai’i to relax, and bask shirtless in the sun.

Hey, if I had been staying fit and eating clean for months to play Arthur Curry on the big screen, I’d be rocking out in as little clothing as possible, too. Here’s him outside yet again on his Hawai'ian vacation, per Instagram Stories

Jason Momoa screenshot of video shot in Hawaii after Aquaman 2 wrapped.

(Image credit: Instagram, Jason Momoa)

I mean, look at that view! The mountain, not Momoa’s pecs, obviously. Hawai'i's an enchanting place; get your head out of the gutter. 

Having said this, Jason Momoa has always been pretty open about hating going to the gym to work out and finds other outlets to stay fit, most of which involve being outside. In fact,  Momoa actually told Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year he wasn’t feeling as superhero fit heading into production given his busy schedule of late.  As a whole, for not “pulling together” and working out “as much” as he felt he should ahead of production, he’s looking pretty good as The Lost Kingdom heads into post-production, and it’s worth noting a lot of this time spent in the warm and wonderful U.S. state has been spent relaxing sans shirt. 

Screenshot of Jason Momoa enjoying Hawai'i after Aquaman 2 wraps.

(Image credit: Instagram, Jason Momoa)

Early looks at Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom from James Wan seemingly indicated at least a chunk of the movie is set in cold climes. Much of filming was confirmed to happen in the UK during the fall, continuing until five days ago when Aquaman himself took to Instagram to reveal the movie had officially wrapped in the US. 

It's been a long ride to get to this point. There's varying safety measures on movies in general during these pandemic times, and Aquaman 2 suffered a setback when Momoa himself tested postive for COVID-19. Moving forward, there’s still a slog to go until the big press push leading to release, but at least the actor is able to take a break and enjoy himself right now. 

That’s one nice thing about acting. The hours during production can be long. They also often vary, as movies may need to shoot at off times in cities or at odd times (including the middle of the night) to fulfill certain scenes. But when a crew has finished a gig, there’s often time to take a break before moving on to the next big thing, and that’s what seems to have happened, here. 

Jason Momoa also shared some other cool looks at his trip, looks which involved visiting friends and establishments and taking in the natural beauty of the environment, as well as continuing some of the environmental causes that are so near and dear to him. Next up, the actor is set to film Cliffhanger and has a slew of upcoming movies on the premiere slate this coming year, as well. 

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