Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Has Wrapped Production After Jason Momoa’s COVID Setback

Jason Momoa in Aquaman and the lost kingdom suit
(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom suffered what could have been a significant setback, with Jason Momoa testing positive with Covid-19, and stopping production. As a result, there were worries from the fans of the movie about a major delay. Momoa was hit with the diagnosis right after the Dune premiere and assured fans he was fine and that he was resting up. Now Aquaman 2 has reportedly wrapped production after Jason Momoa’s Covid setback. 

Aquaman fans can rejoice: Jason Momoa announced on Instagram that filming has wrapped, and the sequel is still on schedule. Filming for Aquaman 2 was taking place in Hawaii at this point in its production, and Momoa also used the opportunity to raise some money for a local incentive for the community. Here is Momoa’s Instagram post announcing filming has wrapped:

Filming has wrapped in a beautiful locale, and Jason Mamoa is clearly hyped, especially after a snag with a Covid-19 diagnosis. Worst case, the film could have been delayed for a while, causing its release date to move back even more. But luckily it was a contained incident, Momoa got healthy quickly, and everyone could get back to work safely. He also used the announcement to plug his collaboration with Electric Eyewear, with all proceeds from the collection going to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. 

During the production of Aquaman 2, Jason Momoa made another environmentally friendly post, announcing a reusable water bottle and that he worked with Warner Brothers to make the set free of plastic bottles. Momoa has taken every opportunity to do something positive and represent his beliefs using his star power to make a difference in his work environment. It’s fitting that the actor who plays Aquaman is concerned with the ocean’s health and trying to stop the polluting of his playground. 

We have already seen one of the new costumes Momoa will be sporting in the sequel, and it looks incredible. The blockbuster will seemingly look to improve on everything the original did well. Momoa has spoken about the action and comedy in the sequel, attributing them to everything he and director jams Wan learned during the first one. Aquaman star Dolph Lundgren is confident that the sequel is better than the original, citing a stronger and more exciting script and growth from everyone involved. 

Momoa is fresh off starring in one of the year’s biggest movies in Dune, where he played the awesome Duncan Idaho, who stole the show every time he was on screen. Between Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and the recently confirmed buddy cop movie with Dave Bautista, Momoa has a ton of movies coming out, and we can’t wait to check out all of his new projects. 

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