Bill Murray Reveals That He Is In An Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie

Bill Murray in The French Dispatch
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With the Marvel Cinematic Universe exponentially growing every single year, it feels like we will eventually hit a point where every actor in Hollywood has a part in the superhero franchise. It's actually part of the charm at this point to see certain stars in comic book movies that one would never have expected to see in comic book movies. The latest example of this is Bill Murray, who has revealed that he has a part in one of the MCU's upcoming blockbusters.

SPOILER WARNING: If you really don't want to know what Marvel movie Bill Murray is going to be in and maintain the surprise for the big screen, you should not read any further!

Currently promoting his new movie The French Dispatch, Bill Murray recently did an interview with German newspaper FAZ (via The Wrap) and he bluntly let it slip that he has a role in 2023's Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania. Explaining why, he said that he took the part because he formed a great bond with director Peyton Reed, saying (after translation from German),

I made a Marvel movie recently. I’m probably not allowed to tell you, but whatever. Anyways, some people were pretty surprised why I decided on a project like this, of all things. But for me the situation was completely clear: I got to know the director, and really liked him. He was witty, humble, everything you want from a director. And with the cheerleader movie Bring It On, he had already made a film years ago which I think is damn good.

That's what we call "Pure Bill Murray Energy" right there.

Is it kind of a bummer that this isn't a surprise that is being maintained for the big screen? Sure – it would have been nice to be sitting in a theater a couple years from now watching Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania and be hilariously blindsided by a sudden appearance from Bill Murray. At the same time, though, knowing that Murray is a part of anything should raise one's anticipation levels, and there is also one key piece of information that we still don't know: who he is playing.

It's pretty hard to even make guesses about his character seeing as we know very little about the plot of Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania. We know that Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, and Michelle Pfeiffer have all returned, reprising their respective roles from the previous two Ant-Man movies, and it has been confirmed that Jonathan Majors will be featured on the big screen as Kang the Conqueror following his stunning MCU introduction this past summer in Loki. The title of the blockbuster obviously also suggests that the story will be doing a deep dive into the mysterious Quantum Realm, but beyond that surmise details dry up.

Filming on Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania is happening now, and Marvel Studios has slated it for release on July 28, 2023. For a full rundown on everything that the franchise has coming out on the big screen in the next few years, be sure to check out our Upcoming Marvel Movies guide

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