Black Adam Producer Teases How Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher Factors Into Dwayne Johnson’s DC Flick

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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam has been a project in development for so long that’s hard to believe it’s actually on the way. We only just got our first real look at what Black Adam will look like in a recent teaser, but when he arrives next summer, he’ll be bringing several other heroes with him. And now we’re starting to get a bit more detail about what some of them, including Noah Centrino’s Atom Smasher, are going to be like. 

Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia recently spoke to the Illuminerdi about the movie, and specifically about two of the members of the Justice Society of America, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone. They will be among the youngest members of the JSA that we meet, but even being young, they will complex origins which the movie will explore. According to Garcia... 

I think what’s fun about both those characters, and Noah and Quintessa both do a great job with it, is both those characters, even though they’re the young members of the team and essentially the youth of the organization, they have complex flashbacks as well. That’s the beauty, I think, of all the characters we have in this film, is that no one is coming from a cookie-cutter past.

While the movie is certainly going to be about Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, it appears he won’t be the only character who is fully realized. In addition to Noah Centrino’s Atom Smasher and Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone, Aldis Hodge will play Hawkman and Pierce Brosnan will play Dr. Fate. It sounds, from what Hiram Garcia says here, that we’ll learn something about where all the major players are coming from. 

Based on the teaser that we saw of Black Adam one certainly gets the impression the movie is going for something of a darker tone than some other DC films like Shazam! But Black Adam will have a bit of a lighter side as well. As the younger characters of Atom Smasher and Cyclone will apparently provide much of the movie’s humor. Garcia continues...

They all have complex stories to tell that do affect their performances in terms of how those characters function. But I think both of them do a really good job while still carrying a weight of complex past, they’re definitely the bright eyes in the group and they provide the fun and the humor.

This all sounds great, now we just need to see it for ourselves. Black Adam just recently finished filming and is now in post-production. With the movie set to open next July, we’ll likely see our first real trailer sometime early next year.  

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