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Dwayne Johnson Compares Black Adam To Superman, Now Give Me The Crossover

Black Adam Concept art

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Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam has been a project long in development. The superstar has been in development on this movie for the better part of a decade and now, with filming complete, the big DC Comics adventure is one step closer to finally being real. However, while most people know who Dwayne Johnson is they don't know the character of Black Adam nearly as well. But hearing Johnson's description of the character is likely to get those people very excited, and possibly looking forward to future dream match ups.

While Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam will be, we assume, the "hero" of his movie, he's got a darker edge to him that a traditional superhero like Superman, which could potentially put the two on opposite sides. Add to that, as Johnson tells THR, that Black Adam and Superman are fairly evenly matched when it comes to their power sets, and now we're already excited for some future DC movie that could see these two throw down. Johnson explains...

Black Adam has all the powers of Superman, but the difference is he is blessed with magic. And also, by a code of ethics in the world of superheroes, they don’t kill the bad guys, but Black Adam does. There were a lot of elements like that that made me feel this is a real opportunity here. I felt like everything that I had done in the past in terms of my career, all the movies that I had done over the decades, even the ones that didn’t do well, all led to this particular role.

The magic is a key element of Black Adam's power because, while Superman tends to be pretty close to invincible when it comes to traditional methods of attack, magic is one place where Superman does have a weakness, at least in some versions of his comic book persona. This could give Black Adam an edge if the two ever actually fought.

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Of course at this point we just have no idea what the long term plans are for Black Adam, or even if there currently are any long term plans at all. Shazam! made a reference to a character from the past who is almost certainly Black Adam, thus indicating that the character will exist within the main DC universe on the big screen. And since magic is involved, he certainly could find himself in a future where Superman exists. And if Black Adam is a hit it would seem likely that additional adventures will be in the cards.

Of course, there's also a big question mark surrounding Superman. We don't know what that character's future is going to be at this point, so even if we see a lot more Black Adam there may not be a Superman for him to fight.

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