Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Talking Smack About How Powerful His DC Character Is

No one’s anticipating the release of Black Adam more than its leading man, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Of course, it's not surprising that he'd be the film’s biggest fanboy, given it had been a passion project of his for a decade or so before cameras  began rolling. Johnson has been publicizing the film for a while, even teasing a possible battle with Superman. And despite the DC Extended Universe film having been delayed again, he's still going full steam ahead with the teasers. Now, it mainly seems that the Jungle Cruise actor can’t stop, won’t stop talking smack about how powerful his DC character is.

Given how (more) massive Dwayne Johnson has become in preparation for the superhero movie, it’s only right the actor would brag about the antihero’s strength and power. All fans have seen his progression through his social media. This time was no different, as The Rock posted a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram. Being the ever-enthusiastic fanboy and hype man for the latest DC entry, he referred to the character as a “protector” shifting the “superhero paradigm.” To see why the Jumanji actor has remained the Black Adam hype train’s conductor, look at his full post below.

There’s nothing better than getting a hero’s manifesto from one of the WWE’s greatest showmen. He clearly wants followers to know the revered DC character will cause a major power shift within the DCEU. According to him, the ancient being will challenge the universe’s top three (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman)’s supremacy, as he poses a real threat. I'd say that given the antihero’s comic background, he’s bound to stir up some trouble within the growing cinematic universe. His menacing stare in the photo is ominous by itself, and the actor’s massive size and bulging muscles only enhance the intimidation factor. 

At this point, fans are used to seeing the wrestler-turned actor show off his massive frame in behind-the-scenes photos. Dwayne Johnson has been all thighs and biceps (that look like tree trunks), as he's shared epic reshoot photos. Of course, this all comes courtesy of his personal Iron Paradise. Needless to say, he's got the physicality down pact, and I fear for the Justice Society, who will come to blows with Black Adam at some point during the movie.

The Rock's latest movie is shaping up to be a massive production, as even the background represents how the big-budget flick’s massive scale might change the DC “hierarchy.” That hydraulic crane appears to be an extension of the star's muscular frame. The public has been waiting a while but, thankfully, it won't be too much longer before moviegoers get to see the finished product. Until then, we'll see if the actor talks more trash.

Of course, being the multihyphenate that he is, Dwayne Johnson has several films in the works, including his Christmas action flick Red One and an untitled video game adaptation. Black Adam hits theaters on October 21, and there are other upcoming DC movies heading to theaters this year as well, including the Rock-led DC League of Super-Pets. You can learn about more upcoming movies with CinemaBlend's schedule

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