Stephen Amell Posts Sweet BTS Photo With Grant Gustin As The Flash’s Final Season Races Towards The End Of Filming

The final season of The Flash is now airing on The CW, and as production winds down for the last ever episode (at least filming, if not post-production efforts), the reality is really setting in that the Arrowverse will be tying off its 11-year existence. Luckily, it will go out with a varied assortment of bangs, with Season 9 welcoming back familiar faces spanning the superhero drama's entire run. That of course includes the man who started everything: Oliver Qu..., er, Stephen Amell. The Arrow alum previously confirmed his return, and is now celebrating the end of an era with a sweet behind-the-scenes photo. 

Cast posts started pouring onto social media regarding The Flash's final episode being filmed, and Stephen Amell wasn't about to get left out. He took to Twitter to share the BTS photo seen below of him and Barry Allen portrayer Grant Gustin, which appears to be from a previous crossover episode, but is still making me think of what we used to have while anticipating scenes yet to come.

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Amell and Gustin have always enjoyed a close bond, which always made it a treat when Arrow and The Flash crossovers happened, since their chemistry helped strenghten Oliver and Barry's on-screen bond. With Amell guest-starring in at least one upcoming episode, we will all likely be bombared with all those feels again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get tons of new behind-the-scenes photos to pore over after the episode airs.

Even after Arrow ended, Stephen Amell still kept Oliver and Green Arrow close to him, whether by permanent tribute to the hooded vigilante or posting throwback training videos on occasion. The fact that he also said yes to appearing on The Flash one last time, albeit with an understandable request, seemingly proves that he will never turn his back fully on his DC past, so long as it makes sense narratively for him to return.

The ever-changing crowd of Arrowverse cast members has always appeared to keep close with one another, with one example being Supergirl vet Melissa Benoist’s favorite crossover memories including Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin. To say nothing of the endless love shared by stars from Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and other shows. So seeing any number of flashback photos as The Flash wraps up filming will inevitably make me nostalgic, and I miss the golden time of the Arrowverse. But it looks like the bond and relationships that have been formed over the years will not go away.

The Flash’s final season was initially announced last year, and premiering later than usual gave fans more time to prepare for the inevitable. However, we're getting only 13 episodes as opposed to the usual 20, meaning some storylines were cut that would have been wild to see. But it seems like there will still be plenty to look forward to, including, oh I dunno, Oliver Queen's post-death return!

Don’t miss a second of The Flash's nostalgia tour when the drama airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW as part of the 2023 TV schedule!

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