Hawkeye Comic Artist Shares Honest Thoughts After Jeremy Renner's Disney+ Show Released New Poster

Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner on Hawkeye
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Hawkeye is currently aiming for its late-November debut on Disney+ and, with every piece of new footage or promotional material, the excitement for the series seems to grow. Early trailers indicate that the series will tell an action-packed holiday story (with flashes of Home Alone and Die Hard) centered around Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop. Hardcore fans undoubtedly know the show is heavily influenced by writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja’s comics run. A newly released poster actually paid serious homage to their work and, after it dropped, Aja shared some thoughts. 

Many were quick to point out the similarities between Disney+’s one-sheet and one of David Aja’s comic book covers. One fan even made a side-by-side comparison of both images on Twitter and noted the connection to Matt Fraction. This drew a response from comic artist Bruno Redondo, who stated that the artists behind the covers should receive love, and he proceeded to tag Aja. In response, the artist himself chimed in with a brief statement of his own: 

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While the comic book veteran seemed to be stating his case in a slightly jokey tone, his comments connect to a larger discussion that’s picked up steam with the rising dominance of superhero films and TV shows. Many believe that companies like Marvel Studios and DC Films could stand to provide greater compensation whenever they’re work is used in major productions. In a report published by The Guardian earlier this year, sources alleged that Marvel Studios sends creatives a check for $5,000 whenever storylines from their comics are used. It’s also been said that the company also sends an invite to the premiere of said project. 

Some writers have been vocal about how they’ve been compensated by the company over the years. Thanos creator Jim Starlin made headlines in 2017 when he stated that he’d been paid more for KGBeast’s inclusion in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice than for Marvel Studios’ use of the Mad Titan, Gamora and Drax. Ed Brubaker, famous for writing characters like Captain America and the Winter Soldier, once claimed he and artist Steve Epting have  only received "a 'thanks' here or there."

David Aja and Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye run began in 2012 and brought the two aforementioned archers together for a smaller-scale story. The series saw the pair taking on a crime syndicate in the New York area and, in the process, forging a partnership. When Marvel Studios announced the Disney+ series back in 2019, it was abundantly clear to many people that it was taking cues from the comic book. Even the show’s logo is pulled directly from the text. Check out the new poster and a comics cover for yourself down below:

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Of course, it’s unclear how Marvel Studios is compensating those involved with the original Hawkeye comic. David Aja’s comments don’t clarify what the case is, though his position on the matter appears to be clear. 

There’s no telling if writers and artists will eventually see an increase in their reimbursement as time goes on. One thing that does seem clear, though, is that this is a conversation that could gain momentum as studios continue to churn out various comic book adaptations. 

Hawkeye will kick off with its first two episodes on Wednesday, November 24, and be sure to check out our fall TV schedule for other shows you can look out for near the end of the year.

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