HBO Max's Titans May Have Just Confirmed A Creepy DC Villain As Season 4's Big Bad

UPDATE: Since publication of this article, it's been confirmed that Joseph Morgan and Franka Potente have been cast as Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, respectively, for Titans Season 4. They will be series regulars, while Lisa Ambalavanar has been cast in the recurring role of Jinx. The original article can be read below.

Last year at DC FanDome, less than a week before the Titans Season 3 finale was released, it was announced that the HBO Max series had been renewed for a fourth season. While it’s still unclear when the next batch of Titans episodes will arrive, it looks like we may know who Season 4’s big bad will be. Teen Titans fans, get hyped, because it appears as though Brother Blood will soon pop up in Earth-9.

This is based off a cryptic tweet from the official Titans Twitter page. Take a look at it before we proceed further.

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To the untrained eye, emojis of a church and a red droplet likely don’t mean anything when it comes to deciphering Titans’ future. But for those who know about Brother Blood,  be it from the comics or his time on the original Teen Titans animated series, this is a pretty clear tease that the villain created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez is on the way. Brother Blood was also played by Kevin Alejandro in Arrow Season 2, serving as a supporting antagonist in the present day storyline under Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke.

New 52 version of DC Comics' Brother Blood

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There are actually two primary individuals to hold the Brother Blood mantle in the comics. The original one, Sebastian Blood VIII, debuted in the pages of New Teen Titans #21 as the latest in a long line of Sebastian Bloods who control the Church of Blood. However, as a result of a curse cast by the priest the first Sebastian Blood killed to obtain what he thought was Christ’s shawl, all of his descendants were doomed to be killed by their sons. Eventually Sebastian Blood VIII was indeed killed by Sebastian Blood IX, and with that act obtained the followers from his father’s cult. VIII’s special abilities included hypnosis, slowed aging and being resistant to Raven’s soul self, while IX exhibited vampiric qualities.

As of this writing, there’s been no official word on who will play Brother Blood in Titans Season 4. Having said that, The Illuminerdi is reporting that The Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan is in negotiations for the role. The outlet also describes Titans’ version of Brother Blood as an “introvert with great intellect and a dark side that he keeps hidden,” and that while he’s initially “uncomfortable in his own skin,” he soon grows into his “charm, physicality, and zealous drive to accomplish his calamitous objectives.” Furthermore, HBO Max is interested in having Taboo’s Franka Potente play Mother Mayhem, who will seemingly serve as Brother Blood’s muscle.

Originally a DC Universe exclusive, Titans transitioned to HBO Max when its former streaming home changed into the comics-only platform DC Universe Infinite. Season 3 saw the eponymous superhero team facing off against Dr. Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow, and their former ally Jason Todd, who rechristened himself Red Hood after he was murdered by The Joker and subsequently resurrected in a Lazarus Pit. Titans Season 3 also marked Alan Ritchson’s final season as Hank Hall/Hawk, as well as introduced Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake

It may be a while until we learn any plot details about Titans Season 4, though Brenton Thwaites, who plays Dick Grayson/Nightwing, previously told CinemaBlend he’d like to see the other Robins (i.e. Jason and Tim) shine more. In any case, count on CinemaBlend to keep you apprised on news about Titans and other HBO Max shows

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