Joker 2 Fan Art Combines Harley Quinn And La La Land To Delightful Results

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Warner Bros. has been on a roll with its comic book movies in recent years, set both within and outside the DC Extended Universe. Todd Phillips’ Joker is in the latter category, and was a massive box office and critical hit when it arrived back in 2019. The sequel is taking major steps forward, with Lady Gaga possibly playing Harley Quinn in the developing project. And some Joker 2 fan art combined Harley and La La Land to delightfully bonkers results.

Fans waited patiently for Joker’s sequel to come together, and Warner Bros. recently revealed some thrilling updates about the developing movie. The sequel will be titled Joker: Folie à deux, with Gaga rumored to be playing Harley Quinn and the movie possibly being a musical. As a result, artist Boss Logic shared some epic fan art mashing up Joker and La La Land. Check it out for yourself below,

I mean, how funny is that? While this mashup was originally a joke by Boss Logic, Ha Ha Land doesn’t seem that far off from what’s benign rumored about Joker 2. Let’s just hope that Joaquin Phoenix's return to Arthur Fleck includes a jaunty tap dance and an appearance by John Legend

While not much is known about the contents of Joker: Folie à deux, the internet is having a field day with the rumors surrounding Todd Phillips’ sophomore DC effort. Namely because a musical sequel with Lady Gaga sounds like a far departure from the gritty and grisly original movie. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s actually confirmed by Warner Bros. and Phillips.

In the image we see above, Harley Quinn is none other than Margot Robbie in a costume from the 2016 Suicide Squad movie. I have to wonder if we’ll see more fan art that adds Mother Monster to the mix as Joker’s fan favorite sidekick. Gaga is a talent that could play a number of superhero roles, but fans will no doubt be thrilled to see her take on Harley.

It should be interesting to see where Todd Phillips takes the story of Joker 2, especially given the 2019 movie’s ending. Arthur Fleck had finally transformed into the titular villain, before seemingly being arrested and sent to Arkham Asylum. But Joaquin Phoenix’s protagonist was also established as an unreliable narrator, leading audiences to question everything they’d seen throughout the 122-minute runtime.

Both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have expressed interest in re-teaming for a Joker sequel, so the reports about the movie’s title and possible casting are no doubt thrilling for moviegoers out there. Phoenix ultimately won an Oscar for his haunting portrayal of Arthur Fleck, while the movie made a ton of money at the box office.

Joker is currently streaming on HBO Max, and the next DC movie hitting theaters is Black Adam on October 21st. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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