Keanu Reeves Is Batman In DC League Of Super-Pets, And The Internet Is Here For It

Batman and a dog in League of Super-Pets
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If there are two ironclad laws about popular culture that we know to be true, they are first, that everybody loves Batman, and second, that everybody loves Keanu Reeves. Batman is the most popular DC hero when it comes to the big screen, and with the opening weekend success of The Batman it’s clear that nobody is tired of him yet. Also, everybody loves Keanu Reeves no matter what he is doing, and so Keanu Reeves playing Batman must therefore be some sort of pop culture singularity.

And yet, that’s exactly where we are. Alongside the release of The Batman we also got a new trailer for the upcoming DC League of Super-Pets movie, and the animated comedy has revealed that its Batman will be voiced by John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves. Needless to say, Twitter is now very excited.  

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Keanu Reeves is quite possibly the biggest star in Hollywood who has yet to find himself part of a major superhero franchise, and while this doesn’t really count, that’s sort of the joke. Keanu’s appearance in the trailer gives us a “dark and brooding” Batman, but one who is playing it so straight, that it becomes comedy. It's not the first time we've seen Batman handled that way for laughs, but there's something about even this brief look that makes it feel even better.

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Keanu Reeves has a unique voice so one doesn’t even really need to be told that the League of Super-Pets Batman is Keanu. The minute he speaks it’s clear who that is. And as soon as you hear it, you realize just how perfect he is as Batman, especially as one that’s allowed to be funny. The trailer shows Batman, alongside Kevin Hart’s animal character, basically trying to out trauma each other, and it’s amazing. 

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But of course, the most important thing potentially coming out if the fact that Keanu Reeves is Batman in League of Super-Pets may be that a lot more people are talking about League of Super-Pets now than were previously. The movie already looked funny, with a solid voice cast led by Dwayne Johnson as Superman’s dog Krypto, but a lot of people are clearly much more interested in this movie with the addition of Keanu than they were beforehand. 

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Ultimately, the movie is about the titular Super-Pets, so how big Keanu’s role as Batman actually is, is far from clear, but fans are obviously excited to see this. Between Robert Pattinson’s new movie and the multiple versions of Batman we expect to see in The Flash, we already knew this was going to be a very bat-heavy year, but when you add Keanu Reeves to that list you’re going to make a lot of people more than willing to accept one more Batman. 

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