Amazing Thor Tweet Seemingly Spots Love And Thunder’s Dwayne Johnson Reference, And Taika Waititi Responded

Dwyane Johnson in Furious 7.
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Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder lie ahead, so read at your own risk.

Thor: Love and Thunder, the latest big-screen entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has left quite an impression on moviegoers. The movie delivered the action, humor and heart that has become synonymous with Taika Waititi’s take on the God of Thunder while providing some pretty memorable moments in the process. Of course, Waititi’s latest also features some fun Easter eggs (one of which ties to 2016’s Civil War). Interestingly, one fan spotted what seemed to be a reference to Dwayne Johnson and posted about it in an amazing tweet. And later on, Waititi responded to the assumption in the best possible way.

The bulk of the romantic tension in Thor: Love and Thunder can be attributed to the titular Asgardian and his ex, Jane Foster (who messes with him after becoming Thor herself). However, some sparks also flew for the delightful Korg, who managed to find a partner of his own by the end of the movie. His new mate, a fellow Kronan named Dwayne, caught the attention of one Twitter user, who couldn’t help but point out that he shared The Rock’s name. With that, they shared an A+ photo of the character sporting Dwayne Johnson’s signature black sweater and chain. The post itself was great, but Taika Waititi’s retweet was truly the icing on the cake:

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I can’t say that I’m too surprised that the quirky filmmaker would even consider using one of the most recognizable people in the world as a reference for Korg’s love interest. But then again, can you really blame him for having a rock channel… The Rock? It’s just too perfect and makes for a fun little nod within the MCU movie. 

Dwayne Johnson is more than aware of the fact that his vintage photo has been an internet sensation over the years. On at least one occasion, he’s even recreated the classic fit. For example, Johnson once looked like the meme in a set photo he shared from the set of Netflix’s Red Notice. As of this writing, it’s clear whether he knows that Taika Waititi paid tribute to him in Love and Thunder. If and when he does though, I’m sure he’ll put out an A+ response.

All in all, the MCU flick has been creating some interesting buzz across the web. Even before the movie came out, the internet seemed fascinated by Christian Bale’s Gorr, who many compared to Lord Voldemort. Post-release, many have also taken to discussing some of the unsung heroes of the movie. This includes those wailing goats that Twitter can’t get enough of

I’m sure fans will find more Love and Thunder tidbits to discuss as the movie continues its theatrical run but, especially as more Easter eggs are discovered. But right now, I can’t imagine one being as funny or sweet as this Dwayne Johnson one.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now playing in theaters, and you can stream past films in the series with a Disney+ subscription.

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