Black Widow Image Shows Scarlett Johansson Being Fitted For Her Solo Movie’s Suit

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Scarlett Johansson finally getting her Black Widow movie was the answer to many Marvel fans’ prayers. While the pandemic curtailed the film’s box office potential, Johansson’s solo outing finally gave the superheroine the shine she deserved. While the action and backstory received praise, it was the various Black Widow suits that caught many viewers’ eyes. The suit, like many MCU costumes, was well constructed. Now moviegoers get to see all the arduous work that went into ScarJo’s fitting courtesy of Black Widow's costume designer.

The peek in the making of the solo film look was revealed by legendary costume designer Jany Temime in an Instagram post. It appears the outfit was a collaboration between Scarlett Johansson and the wardrobe stylist.

It’s amazing how much the original outfit resembled the final Black Widow suit seen in the movie. Much like the final design, the original was tailored to fit the actress’ body like a glove while key elements were starting to take shape. As with any costume fitting. ScarJo was the perfect model allowing all the important pieces to shine. Jany Temime was feeling that vibe too, as she referred to Johansson as “brilliant, powerful, and gorgeous.”

Like any first fitting, it was about working out the details and construction before Black Widow started production. Certain pieces weren’t fully realized yet, and there’s a remarkable difference between the original and final designs, like the golden accents of the cuffs and belt not being added yet. While the initial fitting was all black and spandex, the final look featured a good mix of spandex and leather. Of course, the first design laid out the blueprint for the onscreen suit.

Getting to the point of fitting for a solo film was a long and challenging road. That hard road didn’t bypass Scarlett Johansson as she recalled not knowing if audiences would love her character during her introduction in Iron Man 2. ScarJo even opened about originally losing out on the role to Emily Blunt before Blunt was forced to vacate the role over scheduling conflicts.

Even once Black Widow was released, the drama didn’t stop, as Scarlett Johansson ended up filing a lawsuit against Disney over the loss of her box office bonus due to the film’s hybrid release. Thankfully, the issue was resolved. After the lawsuit concluded, the Black Widow star got honest about how her lawsuit was a way to assert her worth and stand up for herself than it was about the money.

While the Black Widow outfit brought back all the feels, ScarJo has moved on from the character. That doesn’t mean she left the MCU completely, as Kevin Feige revealed Johansson is attached for a "top secret" Marvel project. Johansson also has projects like the Tower of Terror adaptation in the works, but these projects are just some of the upcoming releases viewers can look forward to seeing from the actress.

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