Eternals Deleted A Kit Harington Scene, But Now We Know What Happens In It

Kit Harington in Eternals
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Ever since Kit Harington was cast as Dane Whitman in Eternals, we had a feeling his role in the film would be minor. I mean, Chloé Zhao already had the ambition to tell the story of a team of ten Eternals, who are widely unknown by moviegoing audiences – we can’t expect a fully fleshed-out Black Knight origin story too! The Game of Thrones actor was only in a couple scenes in Eternals, but we’ll soon get to see one of his deleted scenes. 

After scoring $400 million at the worldwide box office and Eternals and many fans absolutely loving the Marvel entry, Eternals is getting ready to become available for home release on February 15. On the upcoming Eternals 4K UHD and Blu-ray release, we’ve learned which new scenes we’ll get to check out on the bonus features, and yes, one of them involves Dane Whitman. 

There will be four deleted scenes showcased on the Eternals bonus features, one of which is called “Small Talk.” According to the description of the sequence, it will feature Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman being confronted by Lia McHugh’s Sprite in a museum about his interactions with Sersi. 

I imagine that this cut Eternals scene happened early on in Eternals, before Sersi has to leave her boyfriend Dane and join the Eternals on the epic action adventure. Early on in the film, Kit Harington’s character learns a bit about Sersi’s identity, but he really gets a wake up call at the end of the film when a major event derails their reunion. The post-credits scene for Eternals gives us more of the Game of Thrones actor when he finds a mysterious sword in an ancient crate.   

It's a good bet bet the sword is the Black Knight’s ebony blade, which is a weapon of great power, but there’s a twist. Unlike an object like Thor’s Mjolnir, which one can wield if they are deemed worthy and righteous of its power, the Ebony Blade’s power thrives on negative emotions like rage and hatred, and can corrupt the person who uses it over time. 

Black Knight and ebony blade

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In the two hour and 36 minute runtime of Eternals, there’s a lot of establishing happening, especially as Chloé Zhao introduces ten characters who’ve been alive for thousands of years. While Kit Harington’s character got the short end of the stick here screen time-wise, it definitely seems like Marvel is getting ready to establish the Black Knight’s origins further. While we wait for Dane Whitman’s knight in shining armor moment to arrive, we’ll at least be able to see a deleted scene of the character interacting with Sprite.

Along with Eternals becoming available to purchase on 4K UHD, DVD and Blu-Ray in February, the Marvel movie is also coming to Disney+ on January 12. Keep up with the upcoming Marvel movies here on CinemaBlend.

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