Looks Like An Avengers: Endgame Alum Almost Appeared In Spider-Man: No Way Home

Lily Rabe as Morgan Stark in Avengers: Endgame
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

SPOILER ALERT ahead for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

While the MCU is an absolutely behemoth franchise that consistently makes money at the box office, the opening weekend of Spider-Man: No Way Home was another level of record-breaking success. Jon Watts’ threequel contained a myriad of dizzying cameo appearances, to the joy of fans. And it loos like one Avengers: Endgame alum almost appeared in the movie, but was ultimately cut.

Sine Spider-Man: No Way Home was filming, countless rumors about the blockbuster swirled around the internet. Many of these were about the possibility that the villains and Spideys from the previous two franchises would appear. And it turns out that Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan almost made an appearance. The young actress who plays the character shared this tidbit on social media, posting:

Well, there you have it. According to Lexi Rabe herself, Morgan Stark’s likeness was originally going to factor into Spider-Man: No Way Home. The details of this appearance are unclear, as it turns out that she didn’t actually pop up in the blockbuster. Fingers crossed we’ll see Morgan on the special features when the threequel is available for home purchase.

The above post comes to us from Lexi Rabe’s personal Instagram account, which has over 650K followers. With Spider-Man: No Way Home officially in theaters and making tons of money, the cast and crew have finally been able to discuss the contents of the ambitious crossover project. Although news of a scrapped Morgan Stark appearance is sure to inspire FOMO by hardcore MCU fans.

Lily Rabe debuted as Morgan Stark in the MCU following the five-year time jump of Avengrers: Endgame. It was a joy to see Tony’s relationship with his daughter, and heartbreaking when he perished after snapping Thanos out of existence. We last saw Morgan during Tony’s lakeside funeral, sitting with Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan.

While it’s unclear exactly how Morgan would have appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, smart money says it would have been tied to Happy. With Peter and May living in his New York apartment throughout much of the movie, perhaps there was a photo of Morgan somewhere. But ultimately that was left on the cutting room floor, likely since so much narrative ground had to be covered in Tom Holland’s threequel.

It should be interesting to see if/when Morgan returns to the MCU in any official capacity. She's seemingly growing up in peace with Pepper Potts, but some fans are hoping she'll end up following in her dad's shoes. Or in this case... his armor. While her appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home didn't come to fruition, clearly the studio still has Morgan on the brain. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is in theaters now, albeit missing Morgan Stark. Be sure to check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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