Lupita Nyong’o Ate Ants Voluntarily And Her Black Panther 2 Co-Star Could Not Stop With The Puns

Winston Duke in Black Panther
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When you're part of Hollywood’s A-list, you get invited to soiree after soiree, where you mingle with Hollywood executives, directors, and other major stars. Of course, Lupita Nyong’o knows that all too well. And recently, she went to a party in Los Angeles where she was offered some dishes topped with insects. While other stars might’ve turned down the delicacy, Nyong’o had not problem voluntarily eating one offering that featured ants. And after the Oscar winner did so, her Black Panther 2 co-star, Winston Duke, couldn’t stop with the puns.

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever actress decided to share the delicacy with her followers on Instagram. The specific food that she gave fans a look at was a piece of fruit with ants sprinkled on top. Based on the post, she seemed to enjoy the taste of the unusual combination. That assumption was soon solidified when she called herself “Ant-Woman” in her caption. The post sparked responses from a number of fans, but Winston Duke's definitely takes the cake:

What is u doin baybeh…what you eating ants fohhh?!! This is ant-agonizing me…I’m feeling antsy…what would yo aunt say…my antenna is going crazyyy…

See what he did there? Leave it to the comedic actor to get in a few good puns about what's honestly a pretty unconventional culinary creation. Said response is also a testament to the jokey and close relationship the stars have seemingly formed due to having starred in multiple movies together. In this situation, Winston Duke was definitely leaning into the corny dad energy of his character Us character, Gabe Wilson, a role he almost lost due to Black Panther. To see why the Spenser Confidential actor got all punny, check out his colleague and friend's video post below:

I think Lupita Nyong’o is about ready to take Paul Rudd's spot as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's resident insect-themed hero. But seriously, I wouldn't mind seeing BP's Nakia rubbing shoulders with the likes of Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne in the MCU. I'm not exactly sure how the Wakandan war dog would react to so many ants, but such a meet-up could be fun.

Funny enough Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Marisa Tomei revealed in the comments that she was at the same party and ate that same snack. And per her comment, Tomei enjoyed it as well. Well, that's two glowing endorsements, so maybe this insect-covered snack is actually legit? I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if their approval encourages some fans to try such a thing for themselves, if offered.

Ant-covered snacks aside though, Marvel fans will see reunite Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as Nakia and M’Baku, respectively, when Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (which we know a few things about) arrives in theaters on November 11th. It'll be the final Marvel movie of 2022 and the end of Phase Four, though more movies will be arriving in 2023. Unfortunately, Daniel Kaluuya’s W’Kabi won’t be returning, as the actor had to exit due to conflicts with filming Jordan Peele’s Nope

To prepare for the sequel, you can watch Black Panther by getting a Disney+ subscription. Also, if you're brave enough, you can seek out the ant-covered fruit that Lupita Nyong'o was munching on and try it for yourself.

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