Mahershala Ali Talks What Wesley Snipes Coming Out To Talk About Him Taking On The Mantle Of Blade Really Meant To Him

Wesley Snipes and Mahershala Ali
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Sharing the Blade mantle brought Mahershala Ali and Wesley Snipes together. Of course, most Marvel fans would love to see the two stars play the vigilante half-vampire at the same time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards for now. That hasn’t stopped Snipes from shouting and blessing Ali as he becomes the MCU’s Blade. After hearing about the True Story star’s blessing, the Ali broke down what Snipes’ words meant to him.

Most Marvel fans have already witnessed the lovefest play out online. Unlike what fans expected to play, Mahershala Ali and Wesley Snipes have remained friendly. After months of back-and-forth praise and compliments, the Moonlight star spoke with The Breakfast Club about his feelings on the Coming 2 America star’s words.

Humbled and so encouraged by that. Because he didn’t have to say that. Nobody really asked him like that. So for him to come out and say that, somebody I look up to so much. I sincerely appreciated that. So thank you, brother.

That is how you handle taking over a role so beloved and associated with another actor. Mahershala Ali could’ve gone about his business without recognizing Wesley Snipes’ words. But he was so grateful to Snipes for giving his blessing as Ali begins his Blade journey. When looking at how Ali became the Marvel vampire hunter, the Dolemite is My Name star could’ve been bitter and disparaged the actor, but he didn’t. So it’s nice to know the two stars have nothing but mutual respect.

Understandably, Mahershala Ali would be gracious for Snipes’ blessing. Wesley Snipes has been no slouch in the praise department. The Blade vet revealed he felt Ali would “do great” as the beloved character. Having played the character for years, Snipes spoke on how physically demanding being Blade can be before offering advice to the Hidden Figures star.

While the Green Book star loved taking up the Blade mantle, there’s still speculation Wesley Snipes might pop up in the MCU. Ali was asked by the morning show if whether the Cut Throat City star will reprise his role. Of course, in typical Marvel fashion, Mahershala Ali didn’t confirm nor deny if Snipes could come back. Given Phase Four is going for the multiverse angle, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to see both stars share the screen. But viewers wouldn’t know until a mid-credit or end-credit scene comes up in an upcoming MCU film.

Mahershala Ali has multiple projects in the pipeline before he officially becomes Blade. Snipes is currently riding high on the success of Netflix’s True Story. It remains to be seen if Marvel’s multiverse brings the two stars together in some insane twist. Until then, audiences will have to wait to see Ali’s take on the beloved character with production expected to start July 2022.

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