Marvel Actor Patton Oswalt Clarifies His Previous Comments About Eternals 2 Going Forward

Patton Oswalt as one of the Koenig Brothers and Pip the Troll
(Image credit: Disney / Marvel)

I think we can all agree that a lot is going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lately, the massive superhero franchise has been juggling more than ever, between continuing threads of its established heroes, setting up new worlds and finding an additional storytelling home for it all on Disney+. One of the missing threads fans have been left hanging onto concerns Eternals 2, which Patton Oswalt previously said was happening, but is now walking back his comments on. 

Patton Oswalt briefly appeared in the MCU as Pip the Troll alongside Harry Styles’ Eros during Eternals end-credits scenes. In August 2022, when the actor was asked about continuing his Marvel role, he shared that a sequel was coming, but it turns out he didn’t know as much as he let on. Here’s what he recently said about Eternals 2

If there is going to be a sequel, I’ll be the last to know. I was catfished by the internet.

Oswalt clarified his previous comments while speaking to Empire (via CBR). As the actor shared, he’s not been told anything about what Marvel has cooking up, nor does he think he would be first in line. The comedian also admitted he was “catfished” by the internet, pointing fingers to a fake source he read that led him to believe the sequel had been announced during his The Today Show interview last summer. 

Fans have been speculating about Eternals 2 for some time, but the fact of the matter is that Marvel has yet to announce any additional plans for the group of heroes just yet. The studio’s last big rollout of announcements took place during July 2022’s San Diego Comic-Con, where a significant chunk of the Multiverse Saga slate was revealed. Another Eternals movie is not currently part of the upcoming Marvel movies that the studio boss, Kevin Feige, has outlined. 

Previously, Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani said he had “no idea” what was going on with an Eternals sequel and shared he thought Patton might have seen a hoax site report the news. Additionally, Marvel producer Nate Moore previously said that making Eternals sequels and he said they had an “idea,” but it was not a “must-have.” 

Among many commercial successes in the MCU, Eternals is not one of the big winners for the franchise, finding one of the lowest box office earnings so far, overall distaste from critics and a “B” CinemaScore. With that in mind, it’s possible that Eternals could be one of the rare threads Marvel doesn’t keep going. That being said, we’re certainly curious to see more of Patton Oswalt’s Pip the Troll with Harry Styles’ shocking turn to the MCU as Thanos’ brother Eros in the future someday. Perhaps patience is needed regarding what’s next for Eternals

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