Is Eternals 2 Finally Moving Forward? Here’s Why Fans Think So

Don Lee as Gilgamesh sitting next to lit candles in Eternals
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To say that Eternals was a polarizing entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be an understatement.  The movie ranks at 47% on Rotten Tomatoes among critics (the lowest score of any MCU movie) and has a 77% Audience Score, and it only ended up making a little over $402 million worldwide. Nevertheless, after Eternals’ credits finished rolling and the end-credits scenes played, it was said these title characters would return, and now some fans think that Eternals 2 is finally moving forward due to a piece of information that’s surfaced.

According to a translated YTN report, Big Punch Entertainment shared that Don Lee, who played Gilgamesh in Eternals and is managed by that talent agency, has Eternals 2 lined up among his slate of upcoming projects over the next several years. Keep in mind that Marvel Studios hasn’t officially announced that the sequel is happening, but if this information from BPE is accurate, then we will see Lee back in action for the Eternals’ next cinematic adventure as the strongest member of this group.

Now at this point, a lot of you reading are surely going, “But wait, Gilgamesh died in Eternals!” Yes, he did. Around the movie’s halfway point, Gilgamesh was killed by the Deviant known as Kro at Druig’s community in the Amazon rainforest. So how could he possibly be brought back into play in Eternals 2? Three options come to mind. 

One, we’ll simply see Gilgamesh in flashbacks; with our core group of Eternals having been on Earth since 5,000 BC, there’s no shortage of ways we could look back on Gilgamesh’s life over the millennia. Two, Lee will appear to one of the still-living Eternals through some kind of hallucination, dream sequence, etc. Three, since we learned that the Eternals are synthetic beings created by the Celestials, perhaps there’s a way for Gilgamesh to be “reborn” in a sense, although it’s doubtful this new version of the character would share the same memories as his predecessor.

Regardless, word of Don Lee’s involvement in Eternals 2 gives fans of this corner of the MCU another morsel of hope that it’ll be revisited at some point in the coming years. Our first inkling this was the case came from Patton Oswalt, who voiced Pip the Troll in the first movie and said that a Chloé Zhao-directed sequel was moving forward. Pip appeared in Eternals’ first end-credits scene alongside Harry Styles’ Eros, a.k.a. Starfox, who informed Thena, Druig and Makkari that he could help them find their Eternals comrades who’d been taken by Arishem. Eternals' second end-credits scene then teased Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman’s potential future as Black Knight by showing him opening up a case containing the Ebony Blade, with Mahershala Ali making an uncredited voice cameo as Blade.

Once Marvel Studios officially announces that Eternals 2 is happening, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep visiting CinemaBlend for more updates on upcoming Marvel movies and upcoming Marvel TV shows, and catch up on past MCU content with a Disney+ subscription.

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