Marvel Announced Years Of Upcoming Movies, But One Major Movie Is Missing

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Marvel Studios delivered an embarrassment of riches in terms of upcoming movies and television shows when it gathered before its fans on Saturday evening in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. The future became clearer with regards to the stories we can expect in Marvel’s Phase 5. We also know a little bit about Marvel’s Phase 6, including the titles of the next two Avengers movies. Heads were spinning with the new details that it was only once the dust settled that we realized Deadpool had been left out of the fun. What gives?

None of us are looking to complain, following all of the announcements that came on Saturday. But fans of Ryan Reynolds’ motor-mouthed mercenary probably hoped to hear something more regarding the confirmed Deadpool 3. Deadpool is one of the characters coming over to the MCU after Disney acquired 20th Century and all of its properties. And while movement has been incredibly slow on the third Deadpool movie, the news that Reynolds’ frequent collaborator Shawn Levy was on board to helm the sequel had most of us believing that his release date might come out of Comic-Con. 

When you look at what was announced, only one of the Fox properties has been confirmed to be part of Marvel’s Phase 5 and 6, and that’s Fantastic Four. This makes a little sense, as at the very least, we met a version of Reed Richards (played by John Krasinski) in the latest Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This implies that there are versions of the Fantastic Four in our universes, on other Earths. So it will be interesting to see how Marvel handles the team’s origins, which have been documented at length on screen, and really don’t have to be repeated (the way that Spider-Man: Homecoming skipped over MCU Peter Parker’s story beats). 

So where does that leave Deadpool 3? Given the fact that the Fox connections in the MCU are limited, my guess would be that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is saving those ties – including the possible introduction of the X-Men – for the D23 celebration in September. We know that the term “mutation” set off a buzz when it was dropped in the final episode of Ms. Marvel. And when Kevin Feige put up the slide of properties for Phase 6, there were a ton of gaps present around Fantastic Four and the two Avengers movies that will conclude the Multiverse Saga. Can we pencil Deadpool 3 into one of those slots? It would be cool to see the former Fox characters, who have always been Marvel characters, taking over the MCU leading into the Avengers movies that are going to conclude the saga. And a third Deadpool movie would then have time to better develop, and see where it fits into the overall narrative. 

Until we find out where Deadpool 3 is going to land, which will probably get announced on Ryan Reynolds’ active social media channels, keep an eye on our guide to the Upcoming Marvel movies to stay up to date on the latest announcements and changes. 

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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