Marvel’s Eternals: Exclusive First Look At Special Edition Heading To Target Showcases Celestial Might

Arishem in Eternals
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

These days, the gap between enjoying a movie on the big screen and in the comfort of your own home has become even smaller. Case in point, it was announced last week that Eternals, which premiered in theaters a little over a month ago, will begin streaming on Disney+ next January, so naturally the physical home media release won’t be far behind. For those of you looking to add Eternals to your collection of Marvel movies, Target has a special edition coming up that showcases one of the might Celestials.

If you walked out of Eternals impressed by Arishem, the Celestial that sent the eponymous characters to Earth thousands of years ago to combat the Deviants, then you might consider picking up Target’s forthcoming 4K Ultra HD edition of the movie. It hits shelves on February 15, 2022, the same day as all the other 4K, Blu-ray and DVD copies of the movie drop (preceded by the digital release on January 12, the same day it premieres on Disney+). CinemaBlend has the exclusive first look at the Target box artwork, so take in the glory of Arishem below:

Eternals Target 4K Ultra HD cover

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The Eternals may be the stars of this particular Marvel event, but just like in the story, Arishem looms large over them in this artwork. As you can see, Target’s special edition of Eternals also comes with two limited-edition foil-etched prints. You can see what those look like, as well as the inside of Target’s Eternals retail exclusive, in the next image.

Eternals Target 4K Ultra HD contents

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Now that we’ve gone over what Target’s exclusive Eternals offering contains, let’s discuss the bonus features that will be available on the movie’s general home media release. Starting off, there will be four deleted scenes: “Gravity,” which sees Phastos and Jack having a conversation that leads to a breakthrough; “Nostalgia,” where Sprite and Makkari reminisce about humankind near the ruins of Babylon; “Movies,” which shows Gilgamesh and Kingo chat over their love of cinema while crossing the Amazon River; and “Small Talk,” where Sprite confronts Dane Whitman over his interactions with Sersi at the museum.

In addition to those scenes, a gag reel and audio commentary with director/co-writer Chloé Zhao, production visual effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti and additional visual effects supervisor Mårten Larsson, Eternals’ home media release will also come with two featurettes. “Immortalized” delves into why Marvel Studios decided to shine the spotlight on these characters in the MCU, and “Walks of Life” will feature reactions from the cast on being involved in the movie and the special dynamic they built with one another. So with all this, plus the movie itself, you’re guaranteed a lot of Eternals-centric entertainment in a few months.

While an Eternals sequel hasn’t been officially announced yet, with the way the movie ended and what unfolded in the mid and post-credits scenes, it stands to reason we’ll be seeing more of these characters in the future. For now, you can keep track of what has been greenlit for this superhero franchise with our upcoming Marvel movies guide.

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