Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink Responds To Rumors About Joining The MCU

sadie sink as max on stranger things season 4
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From starring in the mostly well-reviewed Fear Street Part 2: 1978 to turning in a powerhouse of a performance in Taylor Swift's award-winning All Too Well: Short Film, Stranger Things star Sadie Sink is having a moment. This past summer saw the actress take her portrayal of Max Mayfield to heartbreaking new levels in Season 4 of the series, making her of the standout characters of Vol. 1 in many people's eyes. And though the 20-year-old actress already has a full slate of projects, that has yet to stop rumors about Sink joining the upcoming Marvel movies. Now, the actress is finally addressing the rumors. 

While speaking with Extra to promote Dear Zoe, a tragic coming-of-age story and Sink's latest project, the actress touched on those Marvel Cinematic Universe rumors. As she explained, she has seem them, and she an honest take on how she's handling them:

Oh, I saw this! I am denying these rumors. It's not true. I've seen the rumors. I don't know where they came from, but as of now they are not true.

It sounds like the actress is excited by the prospect of playing a superhero, but there is no truth to the MCU rumors. This may be disappointing to a swath of her fans, but the comments she went on to share during the same interview are sure to give some people hope. She continued:

If the right superhero comes along, then sure. Who wouldn't want to play a superhero?

If the character is a good fit, she's in! So that got me thinking Who could the actress play in the MCU? But then again, why limit ourselves to only Marvel? The Stranger Things actress may even be better served in a DC Movie.

Which Superhero Could Sadie Sink Play?

  • MCU Jean Grey: Let's get the obvious one out of the way. Both the character and the actress have red hair, but it goes deeper than that. We know Marvel will eventually bring the mutants into its cinematic universe. Ms. Marvel made a key reference to their introduction so, if there's a new X-Men group, it'll need a new Jean Grey. Famke Janssen did an okay job in the original Fox Studios-produced movies, but there' still so much room to improve the character.
  • MCU Rogue: There might not be a single X-Men character portrayed less accurately than their comic book counterpart than Rogue in Fox's slate mutant films. Anna Paquin is a fine actress, but it's clear that Bryan Singer and co. want to switch things up from the source material when it came to this fiery character. Though I love the notion of Keke Palmer playing part, if Palmer passes, the southern mutant could be an excellent fit for Sink. 
  • Sony's Black Cat: We know Sony has a slew of Spiderman-less films in their "Spider-man Universe." A Madame Web movie (starring Dakota Johnson) and Kraven the Hunter (led by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are right around the corner. So why not bring another Spidey villain in for the fun? How about a movie starring burglar Felicia Hardy played by Sink? We know she has the chops to lead a film.
  • DCU Starfire: This Teen Titan fan favorite has yet to make it to the big screen, though she is played wonderfully on the small screen by Anna Diop on HBO Max's Titans. If the teen superhero team is brought to the cinema, perhaps the Dear Zoe actress will be considered?
  • Batgirl/Barbra Gordon: I, like everyone, was bummed when Warner Bros. scrapped the $70 million Batgirl film starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon. If the studio decided to give Babs another shot at the big screen, the Fear Street star could be great.

While there may be no truth to the actress joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this time, one can certainly hold out hope. Regardless of if (or when) she decides to throw on a cape and lace up that super suit, the actress is more than versatile and talented enough to take on any superhero role. 

The Sadie Sink-led Dear Zoe is playing in select theaters and on demand, and she'll star in The Whale, which opens on December 9 as part of the schedule of upcoming movies.

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