There’s A Viral Insider Detail In The Avengers’ Infamous Shawarma Scene, And It Involves Chris Evans

Anyone else miss the Avengers? It’s been over ten years now since the original six members of the Marvel team got together for the first time to save the world before they headed over to their local shawarma joint to scarf down some meat sandwiches. The next time you re-watch all the Marvel movies in order, look closely at one detail in the famous post-credit shawarma scene of the 2012 film, particularly Chris Evans. 

At the end of The Avengers, after Tony Stark nearly falls to his death while ending the invasion swarming around New York City. When he finds himself alive and well, he asks his fellow heroes if they want to try shawarma with him. And sure enough, after the credits roll, a scene of the Avengers quietly munching on their sandwiches plays at the end of The Avengers. Instagram account Hidden Marvel Detail pointed this out about the scene: 

As the short video shares, Chris Evans’ Captain America is resting his hand on his face and not eating because he actually had a beard and working on one of his other great roles, Snowpiercer. The detail is absolutely true, though it may not seem obvious in the scene itself. As The Avengers director Joss Whedon previously revealed the Marvel Directors' Roundtable on a special feature for Avengers: Infinity War (via Screen Rant) about the shawarma scene: 

It was during... While we were doing press after the premiere at the hotel. There was a shawarma place, like, three blocks away. [Kevin Feige] got everybody in there. Evans had a beard. So they put, like... It looked like the Warren Beatty Dick Tracy, like, giant jaw on him, and he just sort of hid it like this [puts his right-hand over his jaw].

Evans' beard was covered by a prosthetic on his face to avoid the beard being noticeable. Additionally, The Avengers’ cast spoke about this to EW, where it was revealed that Robert Downey Jr. would often make fun of Evans' look during the scene. Apparently, his mouth was nearly glued shut for the scene, hence why no lines or eating happened for Steve Rogers. 

Along with the detail about Chris Evans during that scene, it’s pretty crazy that it was orchestrated after the movie had already premiered and was just weeks away from hitting theaters around the world. It was certainly a fun addition to The Avengers we haven’t soon forgotten. 

Ten years later the Marvel Cinematic Universe has certainly changed a lot. Chris Evans’ Captain America is not set to return after his emotional send off in Avengers: Endgame, and many of these heroes now have younger stars taking up those mantles, including Ironheart for Iron Man, who was introduced in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.  

You can stay up to date on upcoming Marvel more here on CinemaBlend. Until the next one, here’s your reminder to treat yourself to a delicious shawarma sandwich today! 

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