Would Zac Efron Join The MCU? Here’s The Latest

Zac Efron in Neighbors: Sorority Rising
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At this point, it seems like there isn’t any major star in Hollywood who hasn’t appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some capacity. 2021 alone saw the likes of David Harbour, Angelina Jolie, Jeffrey Wright and Michelle Yeoh join the massive franchise. And just over the past few weeks, viewers have even watched indie staple Ethan Hawke portray the villainous Arthur Harrow on Moon Knight (streamable with a Disney+ subscription). There are plenty of other actors who would be firm additions to the Marvel family, including an A-lister like Zac Efron. But would the actor be up for joining the MCU?

Zac Efron has created a varied body of work since entering the entertainment industry as a kid. He’s still widely known for his breakthrough role as Troy Bolton in the High School Musical franchise. He’s also starred in an array of comedies and dramas and has even headlined a fan-favorite Netflix nature series. So an MCU role would be a nice addition to his résumé and, as it so happens, Efron is open to it, because of his admiration of the Marvel movies:

I love the Marvel universe. I've been a fan of Marvel since I started walking. If the right character comes along, and they want me to jump in, I would jump at the opportunity.

Those sentiments, which the actor shared during an interview with Extra, couldn’t be anymore direct. It sounds like he’s more than ready to don a colorful costume and join the vast fictional universe. And honestly, he does sort of give off those superhero vibes. He does have the charm and charisma of some of the MCU’s most notable stars. Not only that but, as he’s proven in the past, he has no problem getting in shape. (Though he’s had honest thoughts on how that kind of training results in an “unrealistic” body type.)

There are a number of Marvel characters that Zac Efron could possibly play. Some fans have highlighted the Silver Surfer as a potential option for the former teen heartthrob. Some also think he could join the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, and Torch fan art has even shown what he could look like in the role. Another option would be Nova, a cosmic character fans have been waiting to see in the live-action realm for years. 

Whether or not Marvel Studios is aware of Zac Efron’s interest is unclear at the moment, though it wouldn’t be surprising if studio head Kevin Feige and co. gave him some serious consideration. After all, they did hear out Simu Liu when he first voiced his desire to play Shang-Chi, ahead of being cast in the role. We’ll see if Efron has the same kind of luck. 

While you wait for movement on that front, you can see the actor in the new adaptation of Stephen King’s Firestarter, which could change the way we look at him. The movie, one of 2022’s biggest upcoming movies, hits theaters on May 13.

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