Robert Pattinson’s Latest The Batman Trailer Was Remade With Animated Series Footage, And It’s Awesome

The Batman staring at the ground
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The long wait for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman trailer is finally over, and it will blow your mind. The trailer premiered during the DC Fandome event and set the internet ablaze, turning up the hype machine for a new Batman that visually looks incredible. The trailer is dark and filled with neon lights in a gritty Gotham City, unlike any version of the iconic we’ve seen before. Recently the full The Batman trailer was remade with animated series footage, and it’s awesome.

Movie trailers are hard to make, and crafting one as good as The Batman trailer was likely a tall task. But the studio pulled it off to create one of the best trailers in recent years, getting the hype train rolling for this new adaptation. Now, there is an amazing animated version of the trailer that uses footage from Batman: The Animated Series with the sound from The Batman trailer, and it’s crazy how perfectly everything fits together. Here is the animated trailer from Darth Blender:

The animated trailer is pretty much a shot-for-shot remake featuring footage from the beloved animated series. All the choices made are perfect, and it’s jarring how well some of the clips fit, especially the Batman and Catwoman scenes and the Batmobile being fired up. It’s nice to see Batman: The Animated Series still being prevalent in the hero's fandom. The iconic series definitely still ranks high on the list of Batman properties and is something fans should definitely watch if they have never seen it.

The official trailer is packed with moments that will get you hyped for Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader. Batman has a lot of movie history so it was always going to be a tall task stepping into the shoes of Bruce Wayne and taking on the mantle of Batman, but Pattinson looks like he will deliver something special. The movie will be a separate story that is outside the continuation of the main DCEU, so its standalone nature is also a major selling point. What's more, a spinoff series is reportedly headed to HBO Max

One of the most exciting aspects of the amazing new trailer is getting to see Zoë Kravitz in action as Catwoman. Kravitz has spoken about how exciting filming The Batman was despite the pandemic making things more difficult. Kravitz and Pattinson definitely have chemistry and their relationship seems like a major part of the movie and it will be interesting to see where everything goes. 

Robert Pattinson has been praised as being a “badass” version of Batman, by his co-star Jeffrey Wright, who will be playing Jim Gordon. Wright has also hyped up the film’s version of Gotham city, saying it’s unlike any other version. The Batman has a stacked cast and an amazing trailer that will be able to hold fans over until its March 2022 release date. 

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