See Kylie Jenner Go Full Catwoman And Channel Batgirl For Her Latest Collab

Kylie Jenner talking about her vegan makeup line while Stormi is cute.

Batgirl has had a difficult 2022. The main headlines focused on Gotham City crime fighter Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, had to do with her first-ever, live-action solo movie getting scrapped by Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav before it had a chance to screen on HBO Max. Then fans could have included it in their watch routines of Batman movies in order. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe one day, we’ll be able to see a cut of the lost Batgirl movie, but while fans patiently wait, they have something else Batman related to look forward to, a collaboration that’s being teased by media mogul Kylie Jenner… and one that should be coming soon.

Kylie Jenner often collaborates with outside partners for her cosmetics brand, and even used a different superhero in Spider-Man when promoting her cosmetic line recently. So now that she is announcing a partnership with Batman (somehow), fans shouldn’t be that surprised that the reality television sensation is keeping a foot in both Marvel and DC. It’s just good business. In an Instagram post, Kylie Jenner confirmed a Batman collaboration with a video that showcased the spokesperson in both Catwoman and Batgirl outfits, so at the moment, anything is possible.

Though Kylie Jenner is only 25, she’s already established herself as a force in the marketplace, and is believed to be a billionaire thanks to her work as an influencer, socialite, and cosmetics company founder. The rise to the top has had some bumps, like the time that Jenner was accused of gaslighting fans into believing that she has a hand in developing the cosmetics that she is peddling, and violating safety protocols at the labs in Italy where her cosmetics are developed. When you are a reality star on the level of any of the Kardashians, you must be prepared for backlash against your success.

Kylie Jenner doesn’t limit her promotional partners to the realm of comic books and superheroes either. Almost one year ago to the day, Jenner was using horror tropes and nods to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise to plug a Halloween-friendly line of Kylie Cosmetics

Like we said, this entrepreneur is extremely savvy, seems to know what the marketplace wants, and is poised to deliver. The comments under her Batman post reflect extreme enthusiasm, with many screaming in all caps “YASSSS” and “IM SO HYPED.” And they don’t even know yet what the products will be. 

If it’s anything like the makeup used by Robert Pattinson in The Batman, expect cosmetics that will make the skin pale, and makeup under the eyes to accentuate the dark blackness representing the soul of Gotham. Follow Kylie Jenner on social for more updates on her Batman line of products.

Sean O'Connell
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