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Clip Of Zendaya Doing An Impression Of Billy Elliot-Era Tom Holland Is My Favorite New Video On The Internet

Before Tom Holland was Spider-Man, the actor got his start on the stage playing Billy Elliot at a West End production of Billy Elliot the Musical when he was twelve years old. His background as a child actor on the prestigious London stage, which included dance training, is certainly part of the journey that led Holland to Spider-Man: No Way Home. But now that the actor can look back at his humble beginnings, Zendaya joined him, and it created an amazing viral moment. 

While on their press tour for Spider-Man: No Way Home, the co-stars and celebrity couple were paired for most of their interviews (including CinemaBlend’s time with the duo). One of these featured Zendaya going into a pitch perfect impression of Tom Holland from his Billy Elliot days, and it’s simply the best. Check it out: 

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This is amazing, because placed side by side with Zendaya’s impression and the video she’s referencing, it’s completely in sync. During an interview with Daily Mail, the actors answered a question about something from their past they wish they could erase (get it, just like Peter Parker asks of Doctor Strange in No Way Home), and they began talking about their videos from childhood. 

In the interview, Tom Holland began talking about a video that haunts him from his past, and Zendaya was reminded of the video above. She shared that she has a “favorite” of his, when he starts “singing out of nowhere.” Once Tom Holland understood what she was referencing, you can feel the stress in his voice as she went into the impression. Here’s the original video: 

Zendaya has clearly gone down a Tom Holland vintage video rabbit hole on YouTube and we love her all the more for it. The actress’ impression is just one of many amazing moments between her and Tom Holland on the No Way Home press tour. It’s fun to see the pair poke a little fun at each other, even though when it all comes down to it, Holland shared that he wouldn’t want to see those old videos of his past taken off the internet. 

The interview Zendaya referenced is one where Tom Holland and a fellow Billy Elliot performer are on a British television show Five News and speaking about their experience being part of the musical. It’s adorable to see a 12-year-old Holland giving an interview. Around the two-minute mark, the interviewer asked the boys to show off their Northeast accent for the role, and Holland started singing a moment from the musical. It actually is hilarious in retrospect. 

Thank you, Zendaya, for sharing it with the world and doing that spot-on impression. I have an inkling she’s watched it a ton of times. 

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