Superman And Lois Stars Reveal Secrets Of The Set In Fun New Video Ahead Of Season 2

elizabeth tulloch as lois lane superman and lois
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Superman and Lois took the Arrowverse in some new directions with its first season focusing on the Kent family in their move back to Smallville, but their lives in Kansas definitely aren’t a redo of what went down in Smallville. Fans are in for a wait before Season 2 is ready to premiere on The CW, and there’s undoubtedly even more goodness on the way beyond the coming Teen Wolf reunion for Tyler Hoechlin. And in fact, a new video reveals some secrets from the set ahead of Season 2, courtesy of Elizabeth Tulloch and Alex Garfin!

The video of how the Kent family home is brought to the screen comes courtesy of some TV magic, with regard to everything from the staircase to the architecture to some secret drawers. Take a look!

The great beyond! The behind-the-scenes tour comes courtesy of the mega DC FanDome event that has been releasing everything spanning from the biggest DC movies to even Grant Gustin’s new suit as The Flash for Season 8 of The CW’s Flash. Unfortunately, Superman & Lois not premiering until midseason means that it won’t be joining The Flash in premiering before the end of the year, and there was no trailer available for Season 2, but the look behind the scenes is certainly fun!

Not only does the Kent house staircase not lead to a second floor (or anywhere else at all), but Jonathan and Jordan’s rooms aren’t even on the same set. The kitchen scene being central to the set does make sense, however – as Elizabeth Tulloch said, a lot of the Kent family scenes involve the kitchen.

Elizabeth Tulloch has a secret drawer of stuff – and has never been more relatable for that, if you ask me – and so does Jordan Elsass, who plays Jonathan Kent. As for Alex Garfin, apparently he is known to play the piano between takes. Seeing half the Kent family actors back on the Kent set could be a nice taster to help fans last until Superman & Lois finally returns.

And of course the behind-the-scenes look didn’t give away how Superman & Lois is going to resolve the cliffhanger, or where it will take the family drama that both involves complicated family members from different universes or just the normal teenage life of the boys. Insofar as they can be normal in Smallville, at least!

Even if footage is probably a ways off, hopefully more details do continue to release about the upcoming second season during the wait for its midseason return. Some new character information has come out with the announcement that Ian Bohen is joining the show, who Teen Wolf fans will recognize as the actor who played Peter Hale, a.k.a. the uncle of Derek Hale who was played by Tyler Hoechlin. It’s probably safe to say that their Superman & Lois dynamic will be very different from Teen Wolf!

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more DC news, and for more on Superman & Lois as the second season approaches. For now, plenty of superhero action is on the way with an exciting event series coming to The Flash, so check out our 2021 fall TV schedule for when to tune in.

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