The Flash's New Supersuit For Season 8 Is The 'Final Touch' Straight Out Of The Comics

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Fans of The Flash have known for a while that the superhero series is pulling out all the stops for its Season 8 return, and now it turns out that the new episodes will pack in more than just a bunch of familiar Arrowverse faces. Barry Allen is getting a new supersuit, and it’s a look straight out of the comics. According to star Grant Gustin, it’s the “final touch” that The Flash needed. 

The Flash’s revamped supersuit for Season 8 was revealed at the DC FanDome event, and it delivers not only what comic fans have been waiting for, but also what Grant Gustin has been waiting for: the gold boots! Take a look: 

the flash barry allen season 8 new suit grant gustin

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Barry Allen has had some pretty fantastic suits over the course of the first seven seasons on The CW, but this image of Grant Gustin in his new costume looks like he sped right off the pages of DC Comics! The iconic gold boots really complete the look that has been slowly but surely building over the years. That said, those aren’t even the only new additions to the suit. The suit now features a newly designed center crest and wings. 

Still, the gold boots have to be the highlight of the new supersuit, and not just because they’re straight out of the comics. A closer look at the boots reveals the detail that went into the design, including the lightning bolts on the side (and trusty treads to keep Barry from sliding across the streets of Central City). Check them out:

the flash season 8 suit gold boots

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Grant Gustin, who has said over the years that he really wanted the gold boots for his supersuit as The Flash, unsurprisingly had some comments about them during DC FanDome’s presentation for The Flash. According to the star, the boots are:

the final element that’s been missing. I’ve loved all the versions of The Flash suit we’ve had on the show, but the suit we have now is the closest to the many iterations you see in the comic books — with the exception of those gold boots! I’ve always felt that those boots would be the nice final touch.

Should fans be concerned that Grant Gustin referred to the bo and bring in familiar faces from athe Arrowverse to help combat a powerful alien threat that has come to Earth. Actors reprising their roles for ns have a lot to look forward to with the first multi-episode event of Season 8 without worrying about a ninth season. 

Season 8 of The Flash will kick off with a five-episode event and bring in familiar faces from across the Arrowverse to help combat a powerful alien threat that has come to Earth. Actors reprising their roles for The Flash’s “Armageddon” event are Javicia Leslie as Batwoman, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, Cress Williams as Black Lightning, Chyler Leigh (who was not ready to leave the Arrowverse after Supergirl) as Sentinel, Kat McNamara who is already hyping her return as Mia Queen, and Osric Chau as the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” character of Ryan Choi.

The five-part “Armageddon” event kicks off when The Flash returns with Barry’s new supersuit in the Season 8 premiere on Tuesday, November 16 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. There’s plenty of superhero action to be found with the Arrowverse, so be sure to check out our 2021 fall TV premiere schedule for the dates you need to tune in!

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