Superman And Lois Is Bringing A Teen Wolf Reunion To Season 2

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Superman & Lois may not be airing new episodes any time too soon, but there’s certainly some exciting news about the upcoming Season 2 of the Arrowverse’s newest superhero series. A Teen Wolf reunion is coming to the second season, with Tyler Hoechlin once again working with the man who played his uncle on the MTV series: Ian Bohen. And it already sounds like their characters won’t be the best of friends in the series. 

Ian Bohen, who played Peter Hale opposite Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek Hale on Teen Wolf, is on board Superman & Lois for a multi-episode arc. Deadline reports that Bohen is joining the series to play Mitch Anderson, a lieutenant at the DOD who has a different perspective. He sees the world in terms of the people who serve you and those whom you serve, and that view of the world means that he’s not a fan of Hoechlin’s Superman. After all, Superman doesn’t fit into either of those categories, and that won’t sit well with a man who values his authority and wants the Arrowverse’s Man of Steel under it. 

Well, just as Clark Kent/Superman has been a very different role for Tyler Hoechlin after years of playing werewolf Derek on Teen Wolf, Ian Bohen’s character sounds quite different from who he played on the MTV series. That said, it’s possible that their characters’ dynamic will be somewhat similar. After all, for all that Derek and Peter were werewolves in the same blood family, they weren’t exactly on the best of terms from premiere to finale, and it sounds like Superman and Lt. Anderson might not even be in the same book, let alone on the same page. 

Tyler Hoechlin seems pretty happy to be working with his former on-screen uncle again, however! The Superman & Lois star took to Instagram to confirm the news of Ian Bohen joining the show for Season 2, and he was all smiles as he revealed Bohen walking around the set. Take a look:

It’s hard to guess much about the plot from Tyler Hoechlin’s quick video revealing Ian Bohen on the set of Superman & Lois, but Hoechlin’s comments do make it sound like the show is pretty early in production on Season 2, which could mean that Bohen debuts early in the season. Perhaps even the premiere! Of course, the Season 2 premiere isn’t coming until midseason, but there’s still a lot for fans of both Superman & Lois and Teen Wolf to be excited about.

Teen Wolf fans also got some very exciting news recently, with the reveal that the show is coming back in the form of a Paramount+ movie. No names of returning cast members were officially announced when the news broke, and the teaser didn’t reveal any characters, but Ian Bohen posted the teaser on his own Instagram account with the caption of “The wolfs out of the bag,” so he may have been hinting that Peter Hale will have a part to play. Tyler Hoechlin did not post the teaser. 

Ian Bohen is also on the way back to television before he makes his Superman & Lois debut, as a series regular on Paramount’s Yellowstone, which returns for Season 4 on November 7. As for Superman & Lois, you can relive the Kent family’s highs and lows after moving to Smallville with the entire first season streaming on HBO Max now during the wait to find out what happens after the Season 1 finale cliffhanger

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