When Superman And Lois Will Return For Season 2 After The Season 1 Finale

Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) on Superman & Lois poster

Superman & Lois has easily turned into one of the biggest TV surprises of the past year. While there have been plenty of small-screen adaptations of the Man of Steel before, the show has deftly managed to expand on the mythology while staying true to the essence of the character. Needless to say, fans have been taken with it, but all good things must come to an end, temporarily anyway. The show is soaring towards its Season 1 finale this week, and it should be a good one. Though fans are sure to be dreading the wait for Season 2, they now at least have a general idea of when they can expect Clark Kent, Lois Lane and their family to return.

The CW has officially unveiled its plans for the 2021-2022 television season, and it would seem that Superman & Lois fans will indeed have to wait a little while before the show returns. The official schedule has the Arrowverse show listed as returning “midseason.” This would likely place the season premiere in an early 2022 timeframe.

Although some may be disappointed by the wait, this programming move makes a lot of sense. The first season of Superman & Lois debuted this past February, so it’s possible The CW wants to keep the show within that same window of time. And with this in mind, one would assume that Season 2 will kick off production sometime in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, fellow Arrowverse shows are gearing up to make their returns this fall. The newly minted schedule also revealed that The Flash is set to air Tuesdays (and it’ll be changing things up for the early part of the season). Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman are also returning later this year and will be moving from Sunday to Wednesday nights.

It should also be noted that Superman & Lois won’t be the only DC Comics show to be dropping into The CW’s schedule midseason. DC’s Naomi, written and executive produced by Ava DuVernay, will also make its debut. However, it’s not currently clear as to whether the show will actually be set in the Arrowverse or within another branch of DC’s multiverse.

That multiverse has played a key role during the first season of Superman & Lois, and it’s helped to tee up what should be an explosive finale. The Kent family currently faces a dangerous challenge in the form of Clark’s Kryptonian half-brother, Tal-Rho, who now possesses the ability to create his own Kryptonian “Subjekts.” And the latest to join this group is none other than the superpowered Jordan Kent, as he’s been imbued with the consciousness of Tal-Rho’s father. One can only guess how Lois and Clark will choose to handle things, but taking down their own child is sure to be a struggle for them.

Superman & Lois Season 2 is mostly still a mystery as of right now, though we know we’ll be seeing more of at least one key character moving forward. But if the season finale is as intense as it appears to be, it should set the stage for an exciting Season 2.

Erik Swann
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