Superman And Lois Showrunner On Premiere’s ‘Bizarre’ Natalie Situation And The Lane Family In Season 2

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 premiere of Superman & Lois, “What Lies Beneath.”

After months of behind-the-scenes teases, The CW's Superman & Lois finally returned for its Season 2 premiere, and it packed a lot into a single installment. Following the events of the Season 1 finale, Smallville is in the process of trying to get back to “normal,” but that's proving to be a bit more difficult for the Kent family. With John Henry Irons’ daughter, Natalie, making a surprise visit (from an alternate Earth, no less), the situation with the Irons' and Lois got a lot more bizarre. On top of that, the the Lane family will be getting into a lot this season, according to the showrunner.

Because Lois was Natalie’s mom on the other Earth (and was killed by Superman there), it was definitely weird for the young lady to see a version of her mother married to the Man of Steel. The two somewhat connected after things calmed down, though. On that note, showrunner Todd Helbing talked to TVLine about the surprising and emotional bond that Lois and Natalie have:

It’s the weirdest relationship you can imagine, such a bizarre situation. They’re both emotionally strong women, so it was interesting for us writers to explore what the reality of this would be. How would you respond? You’d like to say that it’s like Lois getting the daughter she lost, but she never really had a daughter. It’s not the same. And for Natalie, that’s not her mom. We just wanted to get into what that would really feel like for both of them.

It'll definitely be interesting to see how the relationship develops as the season goes on. Both Lois and Natalie are longing for someone they lost, as viewers must remember that the former was also expecting a daughter before having a miscarriage. It's true that the situation is a bit awkward, but this could prove to be a good thing for them both.

But as the ace reporter connects with her "daughter," she'll also be dealing with some other family drama. Lucy Lane, who fans first met on Supergirl, will be making her grand return, with Jenna Dewan reprising the role. Todd Helbing previewed what viewers will learn about the Lane family we’ll be learning, and it’s going to be a lot:

You learn a lot about the Lane family this season. You learn about [Lois and Lucy’s] childhood, and you learn why Sam, Lois and Lucy are the way they are. When Lois talks to Clark about her mom leaving, that’s a foundational shift. It explains everyone’s attitude, and why Lucy wasn’t talked about in Season 1 or why Lane has never talked about his wife. [Her departure was] a pivotal moment in all three of their lives, when they all started to go down different paths. You’ll learn about what that did to Lucy’s psyche, and the road it took her down.

Lois Lane has certainly faced her fair share of superhero-relate obstacles over the years, but Lane family drama sounds like a whole other thing. Between Lucy and their father, Sam, Lois' familial complications are definitely proving to be more prominent than Clark’s, who's mostly worried about being a father, husband and the Man of Steel. A tough season was teased for both titular characters, as each will have to contend with their own villain (including one that was seemingly teased in the premiere). But hopefully, the power couple will overcome any challenge that comes their way this year.

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