Halle Berry Is A Great Storm In The X-Men Series, But Another Major Name Could Have Landed The Gig Instead

Halle Berry as Storm using her powers in X-Men
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The character of Storm is one of the most iconic mutants in the X-Men franchise. Descended from an ancient lineage of African priestesses, this powerhouse of a superhero can control the weather and even strike you with lightning if you tempt her. The role of Storm is one of the most badass of Halle Berry’s roles, but another major actress was close to acquiring that role as well. 

When you see the success that one actress had in a role that you were this close to grabbing, it makes you think about what could have been. While Entertainment Tonight was on the set of season two’s Keeping Up with the Joneses, they interviewed one particular actress on set who tried out for the role of Storm- Vivica A. Fox.

The only role that I really wanted that I came close to getting was Storm, but they cast Halle Berry, which she did an amazing job. So, I could say that was about the only one, yeah.

Halle Berry has played Storm ever since she was introduced in 2000’s X-Men. While her role was pretty minor in the first two movies in the series, she still had proud hero moments like her defeat against Toad and helping to free a brainwashed Xavier from killing humans. But in X-Men: The Last Stand, her role got bigger as she helped defeat Magneto once again and even became headmistress of Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants. Eight years later, Berry made her return yet again for X-Men: Days of Future Past, but unfortunately could not fly or fight like usual because of the actress’s pregnancy. Even though her role had to change a bit, she was still able to kick ass by helping Wolverine complete his time-traveling mission of preventing the war of humans versus mutants.

While the Bruised actress was proud of her time as Storm, it was not without conflict. She and the franchise’s director Bryan Singer would fight on-set. She felt that Singer was not mentally present in his work and had trouble focusing while everyone was on the freezing Canadian set. Despite the on-set drama, Berry said that she would love to return to the role of Storm as long as it was a storyline that made sense. Maybe one of these days, Storm could have a spin-off film where she could be the one leading the battles instead of always being one of a superhero ensemble. Considering the Catwoman star is already rocking out with her new gray hair, it seems to me that she’s ready for the opportunity if it were to come.

While it would have been fascinating to see Vivica A. Fox take on the role of Storm, there’s no need to feel bad for her. She’s got a special relationship with Lifetime right now as she’s been starring and producing Lifetime Movie Network’s Wrong franchise. Fox plays the matriarch of a wealthy family who stops at nothing to protect what’s hers. She told ET that she’s very grateful to Lifetime for turning her into a filmmaker and giving her own series from 2004 to 2006 called Missing. Not to mention, Fox has also said that Lifetime movies give her an Adam Sandler film feel of having your own “acting family” as you work with the same people. 

As Vivica A. Fox has found a home in Lifetime Movie Network, you can catch her in season 2 of the 2022 TV release Keeping Up with the Joneses which will have four two-hour films throughout the month of July on Lifetime.

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