When a hero takes on the role of protecting others, they’re always going to make enemies. In the case of comic book properties, the villains can be just as important, if not more important, than the actual protagonist. With all the superhero-related TV shows that aired during the past year, unusual villains popped up from all corners to give our heroes hell, and viewers wouldn’t have it any other away. Without engaging and unique enemies to deal with, comic book TV shows, as well as almost every other genre of series, wouldn’t be any fun to watch.

We had a variety of antagonists appear during 2014, from mob enforcers to traitors to super powered psychos. This was the live-action debut of some villains and a new interpretation for others, but either way, they all had one thing in common: they put our protagonists through a world of hurt. So step over to the dark side and take a look at who we’ve picked as the best villains that were introduced on our favorite Marvel and DC TV shows during 2014.

As usual, there are some spoilers for both DC and Marvel TV shows ahead.

Isabel rochev
10. Isabel Rochev
Slade Wilson may have been the main antagonist in Arrow during Season 2, but Isabel Rochev was key to the revenge campaign against Oliver Queen. Biding her time at Queen Consolidated for the first half of the season, she was eventually able to seize control of the company and take it away from Oliver. It wasn’t just in the boardroom where she was a threat. Already a skilled fighter, once she was pumped full of Mirakuru, she donned a Deathstroke-inspired costume and took part in the siege against Starling City. We won’t be seeing her again due to a fatal case of snapped neck, but she’ll go down in the Arrow history book as someone Oliver should have kept a closer eye on.

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