Watch A Magician Horrifyingly Injure A Morning Talk Show Host On Live TV

To appear on live TV, it's assumed that one must have all Ps and Qs in order, but there are no guarantees in life that mistakes won't happen. No one understands that more than former Poland's Got Talent contestant Marcin Poloniewicz, who had a particularly horrifying appearance on a Polish morning talk show recently when an illusion-gone-wrong ended with one of the hosts' hands impaled on a spike. Check out the clip below, in which the emotions come across even if you don't understand what's being said.

She needed that segment like she needed a hole in the hand, am I right? Anyone? Sorry, I had to make any attempt at horrible humor possible, as I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get Question for Breakfast host Marzena Rogalska's siren-like wails out of my head again. They will pierce through the fabric of whatever reality I try to cloak myself with, and I can only assume they will echo through all eternity. But at least she's okay.

In case you were wary about watching the video right away, here's the gist. Magician Marcin Poloniewicz was going through a Russian Roulette-style trick in which a spike is placed within one of several paper bags, and the point is to slam one's hand down on the bag with the confidence that nothing is inside. And even though the trick would have been rehearsed beforehand, something went wrong, and co-host Marzena Rogalska's apparent trepidation was justified, as she spent the latter part of the segment howling in pain after the nail totally impaled her hand. No magic involved with that.

The magician and everyone else involved take entirely too long to form complete reactions to Rogalska's injury, and I guess everyone thought she was having a laugh or something. But no, she's clearly in pain, and Poloniewicz just keeps grabbing her hand anyway. Probably to stop any bleeding, but what if it was something more nefarious?

That seems to be what some people thinking, at least if Rogalska's Facebook follow-up post is being translated properly. Check out what she said in it below.

I understand that it's hard to believe what happened Saturday on the air. This accident occurred, however. Slowly I'm getting back out there, I'm in the process of treatment. I need peace and that's why now please respect my privacy by refraining from "witty" comments like it's TV viewers. There are many experts analyzing it frame by frame, that it was a setup, but this time they're wrong. The truth is that I was hurt, because the trick didn't work out. Most likely this was the first live on air and hence the sensation.

Are there people out there that smell a conspiracy here? Since i'm not familiar with either the show or the magician, I suppose there could be some years-long rivalry happening somewhere behind the scenes that could have resulted in this mild (but still freaky as all hell) injury. But probably not.

Maybe Rogalska can find that one guy who started getting stoned during a live interview to see if he has something for the pain. We're glad she's okay, and we're really hoping that Poloniewicz doesn't decide to work any decapitation tricks into his next morning show appearance.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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