Is Netfix Actually Renewing Its Shows Before They Even Premiere?

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Netflix has no shortage of original series that have hooked viewers into binge-watching whole seasons at once. Of course, entire seasons becoming available to subscribers at once can mean that the demand for more episodes often starts almost immediately after the premiere. Now, it looks like Netflix may have found a way to satisfy viewer demands as soon as possible. The streaming service could actually be renewing new series for second seasons before they even debut.

The idea that Netflix may be renewing series before they premiere comes courtesy of actor Matthew Modine, who has a major role in the upcoming Netflix original Stranger Things. Although the show isn't set to to stream its first season until July 15, Modine recently claimed at the Festival de Television of Monte Carlo that Stranger Things will be back for a Season 2. While that sounds like great news, right now Netflix hasn't confirmed a future for Stranger Things beyond what has already been filmed. Still, Modine's confidence is reason enough to suspect that he might really have inside knowledge about another season of his new show.

Ordering continuations of series before they premiere would be an unconventional way of producing television, but other networks have done it in the past and it actually makes a lot of sense, considering how Netflix has renewed other series for extra seasons in the past. Both Fuller House and BoJack Horseman were guaranteed a Season 2 only days after their initial releases. Orange is the New Black had Seasons 5 - 7 ordered before Season 4 was available, and Chef's Table scored another three seasons after the first premiered. Netflix has been working to deliver new installments of its successful originals as quickly and certainly as possible. Perhaps Matthew Modine's statement that Stranger Things is already set for a Season 2 is proof that Netflix may start going even further to give subscribers renewal orders as soon as possible.

If Matthew Modine is correct about Season 2 of Stranger Things, Netflix must have an awful lot of faith in the series. Stranger Things doesn't exactly seem like a cheap show to produce. Winona Ryder co-stars with Matthew Modine, and if you throw in the fact that there is a cast full of kids for the series touted as a Goonies/Poltergeist/E.T. hybrid, and Stranger Things has to be a big undertaking for everyone involved. Check out the trailer for a look at the cast that may be around for another season:

We'll have to wait and see if Netflix confirms Season 2 of Stranger Things at some point before the July 15 premiere date. Such an early renewal could signify big changes for how Netflix produces originals in the future. If second seasons are guaranteed, there would be greater possibilities for planning major arcs ahead of time and designing cliffhangers to keep viewers hooked. We can certainly expect that Netflix has plenty more originals in the works.

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