What's Going On With Ragnar In This New Vikings Footage?

There's a lot that has been pretty confusing about Vikings lately. There's the fact that the History Channel drama has been renewed for Season 5, and is set to return to the schedule fairly soon, but not for 5. The latter half of Season 4 is returning, as History gave Vikings a split season, similar to how Suits, Hell on Wheels and other shows have split seasons in recent year. In a promo for Vikings at Comic-Con, it looks like the series will finally be explaining some of the events that occurred just before we left off. In fact, one image from the promo features a much older Ragnar Lothbrok chilling out on the floor. But what's going on with the character?

vikings ragnar season 4

During Episode 10 "The Last Ship," which first bowed in April, a lot happened. The Vikings and The Franks battled on the river and the Franks won, after which Ragnar Lothbrok disappeared. The show then opted to speed up the timeline and show us Kattegat years later, when Ragnar's sons were grown and had a pretty intense dislike for their father. Instead of leaving on that cliffhanger, Ragnar returned at the end of the episode, a much older man, challenging his sons to kill him. In the image above, however, he seems pretty peaceful, although it looks as if he may be shackled to the floor in a holding cell. That promises to be a pretty unique storyline...

The new image comes from Vikings' Comic-Con pre-footage, which also features brief visual updates on some of the shows other characters. You can also give the first look a watch, below.

Several months ago, Vikings extended the episode order for its popular original drama from 16 to 20 episodes, giving it an episode order that is very similar to what network TV attempts each season. The show is expected to return for the second half of Season 5 this fall, but beforehand, the series is headed to San Diego to talk a little bit about what we can expect from the drama in the latter half of Season 4. If that isn't quite as up your alley, we'll let you know as soon as the drama gets an official premiere date. In the meantime, you can find out when your other fall favorites are returning with our TV premiere schedule.

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