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Season 1 of Netflix's Narcos was a thrilling look into the life of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar that proved that Netflix really is capable of tackling any genre with its originals. The ten episodes of the first season felt all too short, so it was a big relief when the series was renewed for a Season 2. Now, Netflix has released a trailer for its second season, and it promises that the next set of adventures for Escobar and the law enforcement agents hunting him should be as exciting as those in Season 1. Brace yourself for some awesome action, and check it out!

I can't speak for anybody else, but the trailer for Season 2 has me so excited that you'd think I was being hunted by a bunch of fuckin' helicopters. The opening sequence detailing the impossibility of escape for Pablo Escobar followed immediately by the chaos of said escape was the perfect way to kick off the first look at what's coming next. The switch from the chaos to the opening lines of Styx's "Renegade" was definitely enough to get me to sit up straight.

The reveal that the manhunt for Pablo Escobar will be an invasion is a good sign that Season 2 will strike the same balance between telling the story of the agents chasing Escobar for his many crimes and the man himself. Neither side would have been nearly as compelling without the other being told. The trailer is proof enough that law enforcement won't be taking Escobar's escape - and the ensuing destruction - lightly. Pedro Pascal was a highlight of Season 1, and he looks like he'll be ready to kick ass and take names for Season 2.

pedro pascal narcos

Of course, the trailer wouldn't be worth any excitement if Wagner Moura wasn't featured with his mastery of looking both totally unassuming and bizarrely intimidating. There aren't many actors who could make their characters look murderous and scary while wearing a sweatshirt with an anchor on it, but Moura will evidently be pulling it off in Narcos Season 2. Escobar certainly looks like he could be more dangerous than ever now that his back is up against a wall with the manhunt, and it should be awesome.

pablo escobar narcos

Season 2 may actually see the end of Pablo Escobar's story, so we shouldn't be surprised that Netflix seems to be pulling out all the stops for the next run of episodes. With thousands of soldiers, tens of thousands of bullets, explosions galore, and that bunch of fuckin' helicopters, the second season should be totally worth watching. Hopefully the behind-the-scenes shakeups won't have upset the plot.

The whole of Season 2 will be available on Netflix this September. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you'll be able to watch on the small screen once you've worked your ways through the next set of Pablo Escobar's adventures against law enforcement.

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