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The Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead will return for Season 2B on August 21st. While we still have about a month to wait for new episodes, AMC offered fans a sneak peek and what's in store for the zombie drama. Check out the video below.

After a season and a half it seems like Fear The Walking Dead is finally getting on the same level as its predecessor. If this trailer is any indication, the back half of Season 2 is going to pure chaos, and extremely violent. That's what we're all watching for anyway, right? Luckily, this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con gave us this awesome new trailer.

Straight away it's clear that our inexperienced group of survivors have been separated into three distinct groups. Madison, Alicia, Ofelia, and Strand are the largest, as they attempt to find both shelter and Nick. Elsewhere are Travis and Chris, who are apparently trying to find supplies for the group while Travis tries to figure out if Chris is too far gone and a liability to the rest of the group. Then there's Nick, who is walking amongst the dead toward Tijuana, disillusioned from the destruction and betrayals that occurred at Celia's community.

It seems like the group's attempts at reuniting will be the primary focus of Season 2's back half. The need for characters to be together is actually more intense than what we're used to seeing in The Walking Dead. Rather than a makeshift family, the group is largely blood relatives. While we may love the bond between Daryl and Carol, the Clark/ Manawa family has known each other much longer than our faves from the original series.

It also appears that the threat of other survivors will only continue to escalate in the second half of Season 2. While we had a conflict with a few pirates who attempted to steal The Abigail, Nick is about to face a much more insidious collection of characters during his time in Tijuana.

The town seems to be ruled by a cutthroat gang who presumably already had power before the apocalypse began. The trailer starts out terrifying, as we see the group force a man into basically a pit of walkers. One can assume that he tried to escape or rise up against the power, and so the gang made an example out of him in front of the rest of the community. This feels very similar to the dastardly rule of Negan over his Saviors and those who he decides "work for him". And while we wait for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's return to The Walking Dead, we'll be able to turn to Fear in order to hold us over.

The community in Tijuana seems to still have a fair amount of resources, which may be exciting for opportunists like Strand. We see a scene with Nick in an infirmary, so there is presumably still food, electricity, and medicine. Hopefully Nick's medical attention has a happier outcome than what we saw at Slabtown with Beth in the original show.

The final question mark around the second half of Season 2 is whether or not Salazar managed to survive chaos at Celia's place. We saw Salazar struggling with his sanity, and he definitely seems like he might have bit the dust in the midseason finale. But with so few truly dynamic characters on the show, I'd hate to see him go so soon. Plus Ofelia just lost her mother, so it seems like overkill for her to lose her other parental figure so soon after.

What do you think of the trailer? Sound off in the comments below. Fear The Walking Dead will return to AMC Sunday August 21st at 9/8c.

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