Sleepy Hollow Has A Brand New Villain For Season 4

FOX's Sleepy Hollow has made some big changes heading into Season 4. One of those will be the new villain, and now we finally know what that baddie is going to look like. And, this Big Bad isn't at all what you'd think. Actor Jeremy Davies has signed on to play the new adversary of Season 4.

The news broke today on TVLine that Jeremy Davies will be playing the villain of the new season of Sleepy Hollow. A show like this always needs to have a solid Big Bad for supernatural Witnesses Ichabod Crane and (newcomer) Diana to fight against, and from the looks of Davies above he will certainly be capable of creeping us out as a bad guy. Davies has a resume 40 credits long, and has made appearances in movies and on TV. His credits include The Wonder Years, Melrose Place, Twister, Saving Private Ryan, Helter Skelter, Lost, Constantine and the FX series Justified, which garnered him an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2012. He's also slated to appear in the rebooted Twin Peaks on Showtime.

Jeremy Davies' character, Malcolm Dreyfuss, is a super-rich tech mogul who's also outspoken and more than a little eccentric (which we all know is rich people code for wackadoo). The billionaire has been monied up to his hair folicles for quite a while, and, seeing as he's basically conquered the tech world, he's looking for new avenues to express his genius and new worlds to rule.

As viewers of Sleepy Hollow know, the series has gone all out in seasons past to bring us villains who are just plain evil, not simply morally bankrupt or cruelly ambitious, so this may be a big departure for the show. Sleepy Hollow has gone through Moloch, the Headless Horseman, Icabod's evil son and eventually evil witch wife, an old timey supernatural entity trying to take over the world with her ancient lover, and a whole host of things that go bump in the night and have plagued the town with their nefarious plans for world domination. So, to have a regular old rich dude as the main villain of the show, is, well, odd.

My guess is that this won't be the grand departure that it appears to be. How hard would it be for this Malcom Dreyfuss to actually be a demon in a clever disguise? It's much harder to take over the world if you just come stomping right on in with your horns and your claws and your fire breath; folks will know you're up to something. But, spend a few years as a tech mastermind who makes goo gobs of money and can get into all kinds of places and buy all kinds of expensive ancient things, and suddenly you have the very covert means to run stuff the way you want without any pitch forks or Witnesses trying to stop you.

Well, we can see how Jeremy Davies manages to vex Ichabod and Diana when Season 4 of Sleepy Hollow arrives at midseason on FOX.

Adrienne Jones
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