Spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds! That includes, who won Head of Household and who won Head of Household. Read on at your own risk!

Here's who's in power and who's on the block...

Head of Household - Victor

Nominated - Michelle and Zakiyah

Won the Veto - TBD

Primary target - Really hard to say right now.

Thursday night's episode ended on a cliffhanger, as the houseguests were on their perches and slowly rotating on a carousel of hashtags and internet trolling. From what I've heard, it sounds like James threw the competition and dropped early. Michelle got nauseous and barfed not long after dropping. It came down to Paulie, Zakiyah, Victor and Natalie. Paulie dropped right after Zakiyah (presumably he was waiting for her to drop before he did). And then Natalie and Victor battled it out. Natalie put up a good fight, begged Victor to drop, made a weak deal for safety and eventually came down. Victor is the new Head of Household.

Winning this competition might've been the wrong call for Victor, considering they know there's a good chance a double eviction is happening this week (it is) and now he can't play for Head of Household on Thursday. My guess is that's why Paulie didn't try to stay up longer. Maybe I'm giving him too much credit, but all evidence points to Paulie planning out a long game, in addition to a week-to-week one, and I can't see him trying to win an HoH he doesn't need, especially if it puts him in a weak position during a double eviction.

And all evidence points to Victor thinking that winning a competition is the best option in any situation. He demonstrated that when he almost won the Veto last week. I would be surprised if he even considered throwing it.

So, Victor is Head of Household, and despite Da'Vonne tipping him off that "they" are going to target him during the double eviction, he's holding firm with his alliance with Paul and Paulie. And in fairness, I don't think Paul would gun for Victor anytime in the next couple of weeks, but Paulie probably would. The Victor/Paul/Paullie alliance is called the Board, because Victor's the executive. In private conversations, Paul and Paulie have made it pretty clear that it's -- at most -- an alliance of convenience, and one that will be disbanded the moment the time is right.

Meanwhile, the two votes to evict Bridgette are on the block this week, and it sounds like Victor made a big show with his nomination speech (at the encouragement of Paulie and Paul beforehand), for "good TV." Michelle was crying when the feeds came back on, and while Zakiyah kept it together, she was not happy. Paul and Paulie played like they had no idea who was getting nominated, having convinced Victor it was the best plan. And now Victor looks like the bad guy, and P/P keep their hands clean.

As for Paul and Paulie, they are not in agreement as to which of the two women should go first. It's very clear from numerous conversations that Paul wants to keep Michelle around, and Paulie wants Zakiyah to stay. Ahead of the Veto competition, they've been trying to get on the same page as to who should go this week, if the nominations stay the same. For Paulie, the answer is pretty obvious. He's very close with Zakiyah, and know she has some measure of control over what she does in the game. Michelle is an emotional wildcard. Paul may be opting for Michelle staying because he stands to gain nothing from Zakiyah, and might even be worried that she could throw a wrench in his alliance with Paulie. Or maybe he recognizes that Paulie has more on his side if Zakiyah stays. And of the two, Paul might feel that he could get closer to Michelle than he ever would be able to with Zakiyah. It's hard to say just yet.

Paulie seems to be approaching this situation somewhat delicately, repeatedly saying it would be fine if Zakiyah goes. He's not attached to her, etc. I believe that part. But he continues to make the point that Michelle is driven by emotions and jealousy, and if she does get Head of Household, there's no predicting what she does or whose game she messes up. Wildcards have to go.

Victor told Paul that he'd rather Zakiyah go than Michelle. And Paul casually hinted that he might need his support on that if the noms stay the same. So things could get even more interesting as Thursday nears, particularly if Meech and Zakiyah are still nominated.

Whether or not Paulie gets his way this week remains to be seen. What makes it interesting is seeing Paul and Paulie amicably butt heads on this issue. They're not fighting, but so far, Paul's not backing down. He wants Zakiyah out. Or he wants Michelle to stay. Maybe both. Whether or not these two ladies stay on the block for the live show will depend on the Veto. Who will win it, and will it get used? The first part of that question should be answered by the end of the day.

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