True Blood's Stephen Moyer Has A New TV Show, Get The Details

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Stephen Moyer was a fixture on the small screen for years as the vampire Bill on HBO's True Blood. He was lead member of the cast for all seven seasons, and he so embodied Bill that he ran the risk of forever being typecast in genre series. He landed a role in the short-lived FX period drama Bastard Executioner, which was cancelled after one season. Now, he's returning to television in what will be a very different role. Stephen Moyer will star in the second season of ITV's drama Safe House.

Safe House is a British crime drama in which each season is a four-parter following the adventures of four sets of guests who stay in a certain safe house. The first season starred Christopher Eccleston and Marsha Thomason as a husband and wife who allow their guest house to be turned into a safe house. The second season will star Stephen Moyer as former cop Tom Brook, who will run a police safe house on a wild and relatively remote coast, according to Deadline. Tom made for an unpredictable officer when his impulsiveness overcame his caution, but he will have a charisma that gives him a certain appeal. He's joined by his partner Sam, who will be played by Zoe Tapper of Mr. Selfridge fame.

Tom's life as safe house protector will be disrupted when an unsolved case from his past becomes relevant once more. A kidnapper known as "The Crow" baffled Tom when he abducted wives in front of their husbands. Tom was never able to gather enough evidence to solve the case, and a new kidnapping with similarities to those perpetrated by The Crow convinces Tom that his old nemesis is active once more. The safe house should be anything but calm for the folks who visit in the four parts of Safe House Season 2.

Stephen Moyer and Zoe Tapper will be joined by another Mr. Selfridge alum with Sacha Parkinson. Dervla Kirwan, Jason Watkins, Sunetra Sarker, Ashley Walters, and Joel MacCormack will all appear. CSI scribe Ed Whitmore wrote for Safe House, along with Tracey Malone of the BBC crime drama Rillington Place. The duo has the experience with police series as well as character writing to turn Safe House into a well-written series for Moyer.

There's no news just yet related to when filming will start and when we can expect to see Stephen Moyer as Tom Brook on ITV. Luckily for his fans, however, Moyer will turn up elsewhere on the small screen in the meantime. He'll be featured in the Fox event series Shots Fired, which is slated to air at some point in the 2016 - 2017 TV season. Check out our fall premiere schedule to see what you'll be able to watch while you wait for more Moyer on TV.

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