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While fall TV premiers have just begun to roll out, most avid TV fans are still reeling from the various summer programs that recently concluded. The most surprising hit of the summer came from Netflix's supernatural drama Stranger Things, which has been binge-watched by an insane amount of people since its release on July 15th. And with such a mass of rabid fans eager for more episodes, many have been wondering exactly how long it'll take before The Duffer Brothers and company start work on the sophomore season. It originally seemed like we might have to wait a while (the order for a renewal was pretty recent), but those close to the set are indicating filming might have already started.

Reddit user hollygorock apparently lives close to Stranger Things' filming location in Atlanta. They snapped a few shots of the building used for the Hawkins Laboratory, where there are tons of cars and production trailers currently parked. This has led many to believe that filming for Stranger Things Season 2 has already begun. Do you hear that? It's the sound of Netflix subscribers collectively cheering.

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Of course, it's entirely possible that Stranger Things has not quite started filming yet. There are quite a few other explanations as to what these images could mean. For one, the images might not be as fresh and new as hollygorock is letting on- they could just be old pictures. Additionally, another film or TV project could be using the same location to film. Towns and buildings that have hosted film projects often do so over and over again, so it might not be Stranger Things at all.

That being said, my fingers are crossed that Stranger Things' second season is indeed underway. The Duffer Brothers have already released the titles for the nine episodes, so it's clear that the script is already being worked on heavily. While the overall plot of Season 2 is a mystery, we know that it will further expand the mythology of The Upside Down- which is now presumably fresh out of demogorgons. Plus, The Duffer Brothers have stated that there will be #JusticeForBarb, which hopefully means that Shannon Purser will be back with some high waisted pants in either a flashback or even by bringing that character back to life in some way. Barb could totally be a Force Ghost ala Obi-Wan Kenobi. Am I right?

And although I'm chomping at the bit for new episodes of Stranger Things, I am a bit nervous that Season 2 won't have the same magic that the original season did. Part of what made Season 1 so exciting was the mystery of it all, but now that all of the main characters (except Mrs. Wheeler) know about The Upside Down, it might not feel as urgent and puzzling.

We'll just have to wait to see how Stranger Things continues its triumphant story. Stay here with CinemaBlend for all the updates as they become public.

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